Millennium Park Summer Music Series - Jaga Jazzist | AfrotroniX

Monday, June 26, 2017 • 6:30pm • FREE

Millennium Park, Jay Pritzker Pavilion

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Jaga Jazzist

Jaga Jazzist is widely considered to be one of the premier acts of the so-called nu-jazz movement of Scandinavia. The core of this experimental electronic jazz band are the brothers and main songwriters, Lars and Martin Horntveth. The band features trumpets, trombone, electric guitar, bass, tuba, bass clarinets, Fender Rhodes, vibraphone and a rack of electronics, as well as strong melodies and rhythms.



AfrotroniX mixes electro with African rhythms and their live show is a mix of original work of electro music, DJing, live instruments and urban Afro choreographic performances, in a futuristic visual universe. Reflection of the Montreal multiculturalism, Saï of the Chad rubs itself in Dubstep, Mbalak and the Rumba cross Deep House, the blues makes electric.


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