Millennium Park Summer Music Series - Joshua Nelson | Tone Ross & Inspired

Thursday, August 17, 2017 • 6:30pm • FREE

Millennium Park, Jay Pritzker Pavilion

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Joshue Nelson (Photo credit: Copr. DZB Productions LLC. 2009)(click on image to enlarge)


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Joshua Nelson

Joshua Nelson combines Jewish liturgical lyrics with one of America’s best-known indigenous musical forms, Gospel.  For Joshua Nelson, kosher gospel is a way to claim both parts of his identity as a Black Jew.  His last album ‘Mi Chamocha’, sung with stars from Aretha Franklin to the Klezmatics, has served as the subject of the acclaimed documentary film ‘Keep on Walking’.  Whatever the venue, Joshua Nelson, the Prince of Kosher Gospel, brings people and cultures together in joyous song.

Tone Ross & Inspired

Tone Ross is a gifted musician, artist, music producer, and songwriter. His creative instincts were honed and bestirred at an early age through participation in choir rehearsals, concerts, and preparing music for weekly services and events. He has served as conductor and composer-in-residence for the Columbia College Gospel Music Program, and has earned a Bachelor of Music Degree in Contemporary Urban & Popular Music with emphasis on Vocal Performance.  In 2013, he founded Inspired Music Group, with commercially released singles including "My Help" featuring Rocky Jones.



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