Millennium Park Summer Music Series - Hurray for Riff Raff | Matthew Santos

Thursday, June 22, 2017 • 6:30pm • FREE

Millennium Park, Jay Pritzker Pavilion

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Hurray for Riff Raff (Photo Credit: Sarrah Danziger)(click on image to enlarge)


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Hurry for Riff Raff

Hurray for the Riff Raff is roots-conscious folk music, appalachian rags that share a similar root with Spanish troubadours.  After all, the blues is the same in any language. Alynda Segarra brings an interconnected set of introspective songs, grounded in her eclectic rustic root style, yet adorned by elements of son montuno, plena, and a kind of Mink De Ville retrodoowop rock.  Segarra's voice speaks with a husky weariness that coexists with a nave curiosity. It's the voice of a rebel who wanted everyone to think she was so tough, and nobody could take her down, but at the same time was yearning for love and magic, some kind of an awakening.


Matthew Santos

Matthew SantosGrammy-nominated artist Matthew Santos has established himself as one of the rare and striking voices quickly emerging from the Windy City's music scene. With a growing fan base hailing him for his ethereal voice, Santos has secured his place in current music with his distinguished style and elusive musical gift. Though best known for his vocal work on this hit song "Superstar" by rapper Lupe Fiasco, Santos is poised to make an even bigger name for himself with his own passionate and heartfelt music.


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