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SAG-AFTRA Senior Radio Players


May 3, 2017, 7-8pm

Chicago Cultural Center, Claudia Cassidy Theater

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Presenting live radio re-creations of classics from the Golden Age of Radio

SAG-AFTRA Senior Radio Players

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A one hour radio script performed live on stage as they did it in the Golden Age of Radio. Wonderful plot line and characters. This is an all professional cast and it is FREE. They are accompanied by a sound effects crew which enhances the "theater of the mind".


Upcoming Schedule

Ma Perkins, Easy Aces and Our Miss Brooks

Wednesday, May 3


Ma Perkins

Directed By Mercita DeMonk - Produced By Parker Gronwold

Ma Perkins - Jean Moran

Fay Perkins - Suzy Brack

Evey Perkins Fitz - Connie Foster

Willie Fitz - John Green

Gary Curtis - Marshall Bean

Mrs. Campbell - Dolores Chapman

Announcer - Don Ferris  


Easy Aces

Directed By Mercita DeMonk - Produced By Parker Gronwold

Miss Anderson - Michaela Nelson

Jane's Mother - Pat Vern-Harris

Mrs. Bell - Brigid Duffy

Goodman Ace - Roger Badesch

Jane Ace - Kathleen Alton

Announcer - George Drelios


Our Miss Brooks

Directed By Herb Lichtenstein - Produced By Madeleine Fallon

Miss Brooks - Madeleine Fallon

Mr. Conklin - Robert Maher

Mr. Boynton - Martin Halacy

Mrs. Davis - Alma Washington

Walter Denton - John Yoder

Stretch Snodgrass - Robb Alton

Harriet/Palmolive Lady - Mia Hirschel

Announcer - Roger Badesch

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