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Oct 28, 2015 Senior Rental Building Approved for Garfield Ridge


Oct 14, 2015 West Side Rehab Project Approved for 181 Affordable Senior Apartments


Oct 14, 2015 Incentives Will Support Commercial, Industrial Development Projects


Oct 14, 2015 TIF Approved for South Side School Improvement Projects


Oct 14, 2015 Plan Will Amend, Refine Five TIF Districts


Oct 14, 2015 Property Tax Incentive Approved for New West Ridge Auto Dealership


Oct 14, 2015 Land Sale, Financial Assistance Will Support Near North Mixed-Use Project


Oct 14, 2015 Small Business Improvement Fund Renewed in Three TIF Districts


Oct 14, 2015 Property Tax Incentive Approved for Renovation of Iconic Motor Row Building


Sep 24, 2015 City Assistance Will Create New North Park Senior Housing


Sep 24, 2015 New Financing Approved for TaxSmart Mortgage Credit Program


Sep 24, 2015 Property Tax Incentives Approved for Industrial Investment Projects


Sep 24, 2015 TIF Appoved For Five School Improvement Projects


Sep 24, 2015 Park and Open Space Projects Approved for Four Neighborhoods


Jul 29, 2015 Landmark Status Approved for Fulton-Randolph Market District


Jul 29, 2015 Mayor Emanuel Introduces Transit Oriented Development Reform Ordinance to Accelerate Development Near Public Transportation Stations


Jul 29, 2015 Amendment Will Extend Read/Dunning TIF District for Additional 12 Years


Jul 29, 2015 Affordable Rental Housing Development Approved for Washington Park


Jul 29, 2015 Property Tax Incentive Renewal Approved for Northwest Side Moving Company


Jul 29, 2015 City Council Approves $4.5 Million For Small Business Grants