News Release
City Services

September 6, 2017

952 Vacant Lots Proposed for $1 Sales Through Mayor Emanuel's Large Lots Program

Mayor Emanuel introduced an ordinance today to authorize an additional 952 City-owned lots on the West and South sides to be sold for $1 each to local property owners through the Large Lots program.

The lots were made available through an online application process this winter that generated more than 2,800 applications for 4,000 vacant parcels in 34 different community areas. More than 580 lots have been sold through the program to date.

All the lots are vacant, zoned for residential use, and would be sold “as-is” via quit claim deeds. Most of the properties are being planned as expanded yards, landscaped open space or community gardens. Successful applicants must maintain ownership of lots for at least five years.

Launched in 2014, the Large Lots initiative is part of Mayor Emanuel’s “Five Year Housing Plan,” which aims to invest $1.3 million to create, improve, and preserve 41,000 units of housing.

Applicants are required to own property on the same block, be current on their property taxes, have no outstanding debt to the city, and maintain the lots in accordance with all zoning and building codes, among other requirements.

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