July 25, 2018

Park and Garden Projects Proposed for South Side


Financial measures introduced today to City Council by Mayor Rahm Emanuel would create and expand four existing and planned City open spaces.

Dunbar Park, 300 E. 31st St.
Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance in the amount of $1.4 million would support the construction of a combination soccer, football field and running track at Dunbar Park in Douglas. The artificial turf field would be used by community residents and students of the adjacent Dunbar Vocational High School. It would replace an existing athletic field at the north end of the 20-acre park. The balance of the $2.2 million project would be funded by $100,000 grants each from the U.S. Soccer Federation and Take the Field, a $73,000 State grant, and $503,000 from the Chicago Park District.

The OSIF program collects fees associated with the construction of new residential projects to apply to the open space needs of surrounding neighborhoods.

McKinley Park Play Garden, 3518-28 S. Wolcott Ave.
McKinley Park Play Garden would receive approximately $121,000 in OSIF for the installation of a play stage, mud kitchen, play hut, gravel pit, barefoot walk, prairie maze, dry river bed, and other amenities. The balance of the $194,000 project would be paid through a $12,500 in-kind donation from Site Design Group Ltd. and private donations. The project’s first phase included the acquisition of the 0.36-acre site and the addition of landscaping by NeighborSpace, which will ensure and maintain the site for use by local residents.

Park No. 573, 701 E. 114th St.
Park No. 573 in Pullman would receive $28,000 in OSIF to provide water access for local gardeners. The balance of the $125,000 budget would be paid by the Chicago Park District.

Park No. 587, 658 E. 95th St.
Park No. 587, proposed for a 0.11-acre site in Roseland, would be partly funded with approximately $74,000 in OSIF. The funding would pay for the installation of landscaping, perimeter fencing, lighting and benches. The balance of the $123,000 project would be paid by the Park District.



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