November 14, 2018

Financial Proposal Would Acquire Land for New Chicago Park District HQ in Brighton Park


Seventeen acres of land at 4800 S. Western Ave. in Brighton Park would be acquired for park space and the Chicago Park District’s planned new headquarters through a financial proposal introduced today to City Council by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF) assistance in the amount of $8.6 million would support the property’s acquisition from the current owner, Lexington Homes. The funding would be provided through the Stevenson/Brighton TIF District.

“The development of the Brighton Park site for the Chicago Park District headquarters is a winwin situation for the District and the community,” said Chicago Park District General Superintendent & CEO Michael Kelly. “In addition to the efficiencies of owning our headquarters, we are bringing much needed parkland and amenities to the children and families of this community.”

The site would be used for the planned $45.3 million Park District main administration building, in addition to three sports fields, a playground, pool, parking lot, and field house. A Chicago Park District request for proposals to improve the site is anticipated in coming months. Once complete, the project would bring 200 permanent jobs to the area.

Populated by more than 40,000 people, Brighton Park is among the top five most open-space deprived communities in Chicago. The Park District is currently headquartered in leased space in Streeterville.


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