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Supporting Information

Community Development Commission Staff Reports
Reports for TIF-assisted development proposals approved by the Community Development Commission (CDC) that are pending approval by the Chicago City Council.


District 10-Year Status Reports
10-Year TIF District Status Reports are published in compliance with the State of Illinois TIF Act, which requires municipalities to compile a status report no later than 10 years after the adoption of a TIF Redevelopment Project Area.


District Annual Reports (2015)
The 2015 annual reports are the most recent financial audits for the City of Chicago's TIF districts. Annual reports are usually issued on June 30th every year for the previous fiscal year.


District Maps, Narratives and Redevelopment Agreement Information
View detailed information about the the City of Chicago's TIF district designations and the projects within them.


Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently asked questions related to the City of Chicago's Tax Increment Financing (TIF) program.


Project Redevelopment Agreements
Project redevelopment agreement information is arranged by TIF district. Also available are related project statements as well as district financial reports, narratives and goals.


Recovery Zone Facility Bonds
Recovery Zone Facility Bonds (RZFB) are traditional tax-exempt bonds which have lower interest rates because the interest is tax-exempt to the investors for Federal tax purposes. This is a new category of tax exempt private activity bonds authorized under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act to stimulate economic recovery.


Small Business Improvement Fund (SBIF)
The SBIF program uses tax increment financing (TIF) revenues to help owners of commercial and industrial properties within specific TIF districts to repair or remodel their facilities for their own business or on behalf of tenants.


TIF District Redevelopment Plans
The links below provide the histories, goals and eligible redevelopment expenses for the City of Chicago's TIF districts.


TIF Success Stories


Tax Increment Financing Policy Guidelines
The Tax Increment Financing Policy Guidelines summarize general TIF investment policies and guidelines for private development projects as practiced by the Department of Planning and Development, which is the administering department for development projects seeking TIF and other forms of subsidy assistance from the City of Chicago.