File a Planning and Development FOIA Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state law that provides citizens with access to public records.  Each City department is a separate agency responsible for maintaining its own records, so requests should be submitted to the department that maintains the records you want.

All Freedom of Information requests submitted to City of Chicago departments must include the following information:

  1. The name, mailing address and contact information of the requester
  2. A description of the records that are being requested

FOIA requests may be submitted by fax, mail or in person.  Requests by email are preferred. A copying fee for documents of 15 cents per page will be assessed after the first 50 pages. The documents below are available without submitting a request.

FOIA requests involving the following information should be addressed to the individuals listed below.

      Specific Tax Increment Financing information

      Specific Special Service Area information

      Economic disclosure statements

      Contractual wage information

      Community program information

      Real estate appraisals


Fax:      312.744.2271

Mail:   Antonio Binns, DPD FOIA Officer
           121 N. LaSalle St. #1000
         Chicago, IL 60602


      Administrative Adjustments

      Zoning violation information

      Department of Water records

      Part II approvals

      Occupancy certificates

      Zoning amendments

      Zoning Board of Appeals resolutions


Fax:      312.744.6552

Mail:      Karen Bates, DPD FOIA Officer
              121 N. LaSalle St. #905
              Chicago, IL 60602

Please note that all FOIA requests are posted online.  FOIA requests are public information, and when you submit a FOIA request, your name and information about the request will be made available on the City's website.


Please be specific about the information being requested and indicate exact locations and dates.  Also indicate how the information should be provided (via email, mail, or pick-up).

Click here for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program & Initiative Page

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