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building front 5760 S. Lafayette Ave.: A designated Chicago Landmark, the John Raber House was built in 1870 and is one of the city's few remaining, pre-fire residences.  It is one of the last surviving examples in the Washington Park community of a large country estate.  The wooden cupola, which caps the tall brick structure, has served for 140 years as one of the area's most prominent features. Plans to build an adjacent park are in progress.


colonial building4146 S. Halsted St.: A designated Chicago Landmark, the Stock Yards National Bank was built in 1925 and designed by Abraham Epstein in a Colonial Revival style and inspired by Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  The interior has an open floor-plan (column-free) and the surface parking lot across the street is also available.  Architectural characteristics of the building include red brick cladding, terra cotta ornament, a decorative pressed metal cornice, Palladian windows, and a central tower topped by a steeple. 

Theater building exterior3518-20 S. Halsted St.: The Ramova Theater, located in Bridgeport, was built 1928 and has an elaborate terra cotta theater façade designed in a Spanish Baroque style.  The Ramova seats approximately 1,400 and was built as a movie palace. Roof replacement and masonry repair was completed in 2012.







 exterior firehouse1405 E. 62nd St.: Located just a few blocks west of the lakefront, this firehouse sits on 62nd Place, a quiet dead-end street off Dorchester Avenue.  The parcel is trapezoidal in shape and abuts the railroad tracks.  The main firehouse structure is 2-stories tall and is clad in red brick and gray limestone.  The 1-story addition to the east incorporates two apparatus doors.  The firehouse property is encouraged to be developed in conjuction with the vacant corner lot to the west also owned by the city.



building front2105-25 W. 95th St.: The former Beverly Branch Library contains two separate buildings and parking for approximately 25 automobiles. The larger building, with 8,200 square feet, contains several open areas,bathrooms, small offices, an unfinished two-car garage, elevator and basement. The smaller building, with nearly 2,770 square feet, contains offices, a kitchen, washrooms and basement. Bids are due Aug. 3rd, 2012.



Pullman Firehouse601-627 E. 108th: Constructed in the mid-1890s, this firehouse is 2-stories tall and has a distinctive tower used to dry fire hoses.  The firehouse is located in the northern portion of the Pullman landmark district, the first planned industrial town in the country of which all of the buildings were designed by Solon S. Beman.