Ravenswood Framework Plan and Design Guidelines

UPDATED Nov. 26, 2018
A community-based process led by the Department of Planning and Development to review and enhance the Ravenswood Industrial Corridor started in February 2018. Part of Mayor Emanuel's Industrial Modernization Initiative, the process is intended to maintain the corridor as economic engine and vital job center, provide better access for all transportation modes, and enhance the area’s unique natural and built environment. Strategies to achieve these and other goals specific to the Ravenswood Corridor will be determined and implemented through a stakeholder engagement effort in 2018.
The modernization process for each of the city’s designated industrial corridors includes a working group of key industrial, business and community stakeholders to refine concepts presented to the general public. The effort will result in plans that address trends and optimal land uses for each corridor, as well as design guidelines where appropriate.
For Ravenswood, the working group and general public will focus on the southern portion of the corridor, which is experiencing significant shifts from industrial to other uses. The northern portion of the corridor will be subject to a separate review process in preparation for the framework plan that will include the corridor in its entirety.


Ravenswood study area

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Anticipated Milestones

Dates are subject to change.

Date Event Materials and Community Input
Feb. 28, 2018 First Working Group Meeting  
March 21, 2018

First Public Meeting:
Exisiting Conditions Review

Meeting Presentation

Public Outreach Summary

July 10, 2018 Second Working Group Meeting Working Group Draft Materials 
Oct. 19, 2018 Third Working Group Meeting Working Group Draft Materials 
Nov. 13, 2018 Second Public Meeting

Meeting Presentation

Informational Boards

Strategy Boards

Meeting Summary

Target December 2018 Publish Draft Framework for Public Review  
Target Early 2019 Framework Plan Adoption by Chicago Plan Commission  

DPD will accept feedback throughout the process through email at DPD@cityofchicago.org.

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