The City's innovation and information technology organization. DoIT's mission is to enhance delivery of City services through easy, reliable, cost-effective and secure access to information and to promote Chicago's advancement through technology.

The Department of Innovation and Technology (DoIT) is the City's central innovation and information technology organization for the City, supporting the city's providing a number of technology and telecommunications services to departments, the Mayor, Aldermen, other city agencies, residents, businesses and tourists.

DoIT supports Mayor's Emanuel's vision to realize Chicago's potential as a city where technology fuels opportunity, inclusion, engagement, and innovation for all by:

  • Facilitating creative thought to improve existing City processes
  • Designing and implementing systems to power processes and services
  • Leveraging data to drive decision-making and improve City service delivery
  • Piloting and evaluating new technologies
  • Producing and contributing to open source projects 
  • Supporting public access to technology at City facilities
  • Building strategic partnerships

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Innovation and Technology

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