News Releases

News Releases

Mar 20, 2017 Planning the Data-Driven City - Comparing Tech Plans in Chicago, New York, and San Francisco


Mar 15, 2017 Cities are Having a Data and Analytics-driven Moment, and It's Likely Here to Stay


Mar 12, 2017 Array of Things, DoIT Offices Featured in BBC News Segment


Jan 25, 2017 Chicago Enters Partnership for Smart Kiosk Deployment


Jan 25, 2017 Lessons from Leading CDOs


Jan 24, 2017 Now online: Energy efficiency data for nearly 2,700 buildings


Dec 9, 2016 How CityDigital is Bringing Together Cities, Startups, and Academics for Smart City Wins


Dec 1, 2016 Should Cities License Their Own Intellectual Property?


Nov 30, 2016 Women in the Lead: Smart Cities


Nov 16, 2016 Chicago Taxi Data Released


Nov 10, 2016 Chicago Celebrates its Fourth Internet of Things Summit


Oct 20, 2016 Danielle DuMerer and Tom Schenk are speaker​s at Think Chicago during Chicago Ideas Week


Oct 20, 2016 Four Role Models Who Inspire Girls to Pursue Tech Careers​


Oct 19, 2016 The Civic User Testing Group at SmartChicago Collaborative posts its user feedback from OpenGrid testing


Oct 18, 2016 Mayor Rahm Emanuel Cuts Ribbon on New Accenture Digital Hub


Oct 13, 2016 How the City of Chicago Migrated to SAP BI 4.2 with GBandSmith 360Suite


Oct 4, 2016 Brenna Berman Speaks at Boston's HUBWeek


Oct 3, 2016 DoIT, UI Labs and partners announce development of Underground Infrastructure Mapping technology


Sep 27, 2016 Beta version of Chicago's new Data Portal begins testing


Oct 20, 2015 Mayor Emanuel, Chicago Public Schools Expand High-Speed Broadband Access to Every Student in Every Classroom