Inspection & Permitting Initiative (IPI)

The Inspection & Permitting Initiative (IPI) supports the property services business function.  The departments responsible for this business function include the Department of Buildings, Fire Department – Fire Prevention Bureau, Department of Public Health – Permitting and Inspection group, and the Department of Housing and Economic Development.  Business processes included in the property services function relate to:

  1. Applying, reviewing and issuing building and sign permits
    1. Web purchase of permits not requiring plans
    2. Web intake of applications for permits requiring plans (new construction, renovation
  2. Applying and renewing trade licenses for general contractors and the various trades
    1. Validation of trade licenses when a permit application is taken
  3. Tracking, scheduling, and recording results of inspections
    1. Permit inspections
    2. Certificate of Occupancy inspections
    3. Annual inspections
    4. Business License inspections
    5. Complaint inspections
    6. Re-inspections
  4. Billing of annual inspections and elevator permit inspections
  5. Tracking violations recorded in the inspection results
    1. Creates a case that will be sent to Administrative Hearing or the Department of Law for prosecution in the Circuit Court
  6. Tracking the status of vacant building complaints and displaying the action the City has taken as authorized by ordinance to remedy the complaint of the vacant building
  7. Providing a website to register vacant buildings as required by ordinance

This function is primarily supported by the Infor/Hansen Community Development & Regulation software.

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