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On May 6, 2015, the City Council of the City of Chicago enacted an Ordinance providing for financial reparations to individuals who have a credible claim that they were tortured or physically abused by Jon Burge or one of the officers under his command at Area 2 or Area 3 Police Headquarters between May 1, 1972 and November 30, 1991.  At the same time, the City Council adopted a Resolution providing a formal apology for any and all harm suffered by the torture survivors, their family members, and other affected individuals and communities.  The Resolution also provides for non-financial benefits to the torture survivors, their immediate family members, and, in some cases, their grandchildren. 

Links to the Ordinance and Resolution are below -

Burge Reparations Ordinance

Burge Reparations Resolution

Additional information about the Ordinance and Resolution is available from the “Frequently Asked Questions” below -

Burge Reparations – Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that under the Burge Reparations Ordinance, the deadline for filing a claim for financial reparations was August 4, 2015.


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