2018 Non-Competitive Procurements

NCRB Applications for Three Week Public Review

Note: some pending applications may be listed on the 2017 Non-Competitive Procurements page.

AT&T (OEMC) – Upgrade Extension

Siemens Industry Inc. (CDA) – Supervisory Monitoring System and Fire Alarm System

B2GNow (DPS) – C2 Diversity Management System

Approved Authorizations

March 2018

Integrated Solutions Consulting (CDPH) – Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan

J.E. Manzi & Associates (CDA) – Environmental Review of ATS Extension Project

International Code Council, Inc. (DOB) – Update to Chicago Building Codes

Wright Line LLC (OEMC) – Repair of Existing Consoles

April 2018

Lenco Armored Vehicles (CPD) – Armored Rescue Vehicle

May 2018

AT&T (OEMC) – Maintenance of 911 Public Emergency Systems


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