The Board of Ethics was established in 1987 to administer and enforce the Governmental Ethics and Campaign Financing Ordinances (Chapters 2-156 and 2-164 of the Municipal Code of Chicago).

The Ordinances regulate the conduct of:

  • City employees;
  • Elected officials;
  • Appointed officials;
  • Lobbyists;
  • City vendors; and,
  • Other persons who interact with City agencies and personnel.


The Ordinances also cover several major subject areas:

(1)     the code of conduct,

(2)     financial disclosure,

(3)     lobbyist registration, and

(4)     campaign financing limitations

The Board's mission is to

  • Enhance public confidence in the administration of City government by educating persons subject to the Ordinances and the public about the standards imposed by the Ordinances;
  • Interpret the Ordinances and give personal guidance to those seeking it;
  • Regulate the conduct of persons subject to the Ordinances; and,
  • Referring complaints and adjudicating completed investigations.

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