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The Board of Ethics regulates persons who lobby City government. Article 3 of the Governmental Ethics Ordinance requires all lobbyists to register with the Board each January 20 (or within 5 business days of first engaging in lobbying activities), and file reports about their lobbying activities with the Board each January 20, April 20, July 20 and October 20.

Lobbyist filing requirements and definitions 

Please note that, beginning in 2017, all lobbyists' forms and reports must be filed through the Board's on-line lobbyist registration system, or ELF.

Most Recent News (Lobbyists)

Jun 19, 2017 Board releases ongoing record of investigations and regulatory actions since 1986
Jun 16, 2017 Board finds 2 Lobbying Law Violations
May 19, 2017 Board holds 2 lobbyists in violation for failing to report on time
Feb 16, 2017 Board Assesses $92,000 Fines for Unregistered Lobbying
Nov 22, 2016 Board Finds Lobbyists in Violation of Law, Assesses Fines


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