Chicago Sykline
What We Do

Debt Management and Investor Relations

Provides oversight of the City's Debt Management and Cash Management functions. The Division serves two primary functions:

Debt Management

  • Funds the capital improvement needs of the City of Chicago through the responsible issuance of municipal debt.
  • Determines and approves structures, terms, and conditions for all City debt.
  • Maintains records of bonded indebtedness.
  • Manages investor relations.
  • Ensures payment of debt.
  • Maintains the City’s letter of credit portfolio.
  • Manages City’s relationship with the rating agencies

Financial Operations

  • Projects and monitors the City’s cash position.
  • Processes proposals from City banks wishing to serve as municipal depositories of the City of Chicago and Chicago Board of Education.
  • Sets the security deposit rate for City of Chicago renters.
  • Prepares the City’s annual Fiscal and Economic Indicators Report.

Bond Issuances (Debt Management/Investor Relations)

Bonds issued by the Department of Finance and related information may be downloaded through the link above.

Supporting Information

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