Parking Information

Frequently Asked Questions about Parking and other Compliance Ticket Issues
FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Parking and Red-light Tickets and Other Parking Issues

Parking Information and Services - En Español
Documentation on Parking and Payment Plan Information - En Español

Parking Meter Information
Report a Broken Parking Meter

Parking and Compliance Violation Defenses
Information page on Parking and Compliance Violation Defenses

Parking and Red Light Notice Information
Information about parking and red light ticket notices

Parking and Red light Ticket Information
A variety of parking and red light ticket information including contesting tickets, driver's license suspensions, motorist bill of rights, requesting ticket copies, and a listing of violations

Relocated & Towed Vehicle Information
Information on how to find your car if it is towed.

Tips for Avoiding Parking Tickets
Information to help you avoid parking tickets.


For additional parking information, please visit the Citation Administration (Vehicle) division site


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