File a Revenue Services FOIA Request

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) is a state law that provides citizens with access to public records.  Each City department is a separate agency responsible for maintaining its own records, so requests should be submitted to the individual department that maintains the records you want.

All Freedom of Information requests submitted to City of Chicago departments must include the following information:

  1. The name, mailing address and contact information of the requester;
  2. A description of the records that are being requested.

Finance FOIA Information:

The Department of Finance frequently receives FOIA requests seeking the same information.  Therefore, for your convenience, the information sought by the top three FOIA requests is provided below. The information is readily accessible by clicking on the corresponding links below.



For Revenue FOIA requests,  write to: 


Fax:                                           312.744.0014

Mail:                                          121 North LaSalle Street, 7th Floor
                                                  Chicago, IL 60602


Please note that all FOIA requests are posted online.  FOIA requests are public information, and when you submit a FOIA request, your name and information about the request will be made available on the City's website.


Please be specific about the information you are seeking, and indicate the exact locations and dates.  Please indicate in your request how you would like the information to be sent to you (via email, mail, or available to pick up at our office).  Please print or type your request.  Thank you. 

The Department of Finance maintains records on collections from a variety of City receivables including City taxes, and parking and red-light tickets.  Specific tax payer information may be protected pursuant to applicable laws that prohibit disclosure of such information.  Further, the Illinois Vehicle Code limits who may obtain photos or videos for red-light violations.  Generally, red-light image violations and videos can only be released to the registered owner of the cited vehicle.  Requests for protected information will be reviewed, but may not be granted pursuant to applicable exemptions in the FOIA..

Due to the volume of requests that the Department of Finance receives, the most efficient way for you to request information is via email:

Click here for the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Program & Initiative Page

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