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RHBC Report to Mayor

RHBC Report to the Mayor


Appendix A:  Supporting Information

Exhibit A-1:  City of Chicago vs. Korshak vs. Ryan

Exhibit A-2:  Second Amended Order of the Korshak Settlement Agreement

Exhibit A-3:  City of Chicago vs. Korshak vs. Ryan Reconciliation Order

Exhibit A-4:  Relevant Pension Codes

Exhibit A-5:  RHBC Indemnification Ordinance

Exhibit A-6:  Department of Treasury Regulations:  Final Rule on Premium Credits

Exhibit A-7:  Correspondence from Pension Funds and Representatives

Exhibit A-8:  RHBC Meeting Listing

Exhibit A-9:  Details on the Analysis of Terminating City Benefits for non-Medicare Eligibles under the Affordable Healthcare Act


Appendix B:  Tables and Figures

Exhibit B-1:  Segal Report:  City of Chicago Projected Annuitant Plan Costs 12-Month Rates Effective July 1, 2012—June 30, 2013

Exhibit B-2:  2012 Segal Health Plan Cost Trend Survey

Exhibit B-3:  Patient Cost Sharing Under the Affordable Healthcare Act

Exhibit B-4:  City of Chicago Retiree Health Plan Review Preliminary Projections– 5/13/11

Exhibit B-5:  OPEB Comparable for Parity