Homeless Services

The best way to end homelessness is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.

Through six Community Services Centers and its emergency response team, the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services (FSS) conducts intensive case management. Every day we help people in crisis regain stability and retain their housing. We help them find employment, access public assistance programs, enroll in substance abuse programs and secure health and mental health care. FSS provides counseling and referrals for survivors of domestic violence. We can connect clients with resources to help mediate disputes with landlords and advocate on legal matters.

Rental Assistance Program

Many Chicagoans in low-income jobs live paycheck to paycheck. One financial setback, like an illness or loss of job, can put them at risk of homelessness. Sometimes, a single month’s rent or security deposit is all a person needs to carry them through the crisis and regain stability in their lives.

There are multiple rental assistance programs available for Chicagoans who qualify. For information on eligibility and enrollment, contact the Homelessness Prevention Call Center at 311 and ask for "short term help".

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