Policy and Advocacy

The mission of the Office of Policy and Advocacy is to develop and advocate for effective and comprehensive policies that enhance the well-being of Chicago’s residents – particularly those most in need – as well as communities and service providers. The Office manages an integrated policy and advocacy agenda that supports the mission of the department and raises awareness among our legislative, policy, and regulatory partners.

Key priorities for the Office of Policy and Advocacy include:

  • Developing strategic state and federal policy agendas that advance key priorities for Chicago’s residents and community-based organizations.
  • Advocating for policy priorities in collaboration with other City departments, service providers, governmental officials, advocates, and Chicago residents.
  • Conducting analysis of current program and policy trends and best practices to inform the work of the City and its partners.
  • Working with university partners to develop and disseminate data, reports, and community assessments that identify community needs, track the well-being of children and families, and analyze the supply and demand of services.
  • Coordinating evaluations and assessments to determine whether programs, policies, and initiatives are achieving intended results.
  • Participating on critical advisory councils, commissions, task forces, and work groups in the city and state that influence human services programming and policy.


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