Benefits and Services

Find Out What Benefits and Services You Are Eligible to Receive!

The Chicago Department of Family & Support Services uses the Benefits CheckUp to assist Chicago residents age 60 and better to determine their eligibility for more than 70 city, state and federal benefits to which they may be entitled. These programs include:

  • Taxes;
  • Energy Assistance;
  • Financial Assistance;
  • Housing;
  • Transportation;
  • Health;
  • Legal; and,
  • Many Support Services

To use the service, please complete the online application and read or print out the results. If you do not have access to a computer, contact CDFSS's Central Information and Assessment at 312.744.4016, or go to the Regional Center nearest your home for a printed application.

Benefits CheckUp staff are available to assist you in filling out the application. The information from this application is entered into in a computer and a print out is produced that informs you of benefits and services you are eligible to receive. A description of the entitlement and how and where to apply for each program is provided. The Benefits CheckUp staff will help you apply to each department that administers the benefit you eligible to receive.

The Benefits CheckUp provides a screening for benefits and a separate screening for pharmaceutical assistance. A screening can be done for benefits, just pharmaceutical assistance, or both.

To receive a Benefits Eligibility CheckUp application via post mail or if you have questions about the program, call 312.744.4016, send e-mail to:

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