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Universal Pre-K Chicago

Universal Pre-K for Chicago

Early education is a necessity for every child. Mayor Rahm Emanuel unveiled plans to implement universal, full-day pre-kindergarten for 4-year-olds, starting by expanding to 3,700 additional children this fall 2018 in CPS.

Access to universal, free full-day pre-kindergarten will roll out over the next four years, prioritizing communities most in need. By 2021, pre-kindergarten will be universal for all 4-year-olds in Chicago.

Chicago Smart Lighting Program

Chicago Smart Lighting Program

One year into the program, the Chicago Smart Lighting Project has reached all 50 Chicago Wards with new, energy efficient and reliable streetlights.

The smart LED streetlights consume 50-75 percent less electricity than existing High Pressure Sodium lights, generating significant cost savings. LED fixtures also last 2-3 times longer than HPS lights.

By modernizing our city’s streetlights we are improving nighttime visibility, creating new jobs and saving taxpayers more than $100 million over the next decade.

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