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Join the Movement to Make Sure Every Youth in Illinois Has a Fair Shot at Success

A mere arrest - even if no charges were filed - can impact a youth for the rest of his or her life.

An arrest can block a young person from jobs, housing, financial aid, and college - even if that youth was never charged with a crime.

Youth can clear their arrest records, but the process is lengthy and expensive. Last year, there were 21,000 youth arrests in Chicago alone, but only 400 people successfully cleared their records.

What is the solution?

The Clean Slate Initiative (HB4084 and SB978) will break down the barriers to opportunity by requiring the state to automatically clear certain juvenile arrest records every year.

Sign the Petition Now and Tell Your Representative in Springfield that you Support the Clean Slate Initiative.

Do you believe that young people who are arrested but never charged deserve a clean slate? Join Mayor Emanuel, Senator Raoul, and Representative Turner by signing this petition to show your support.

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Learn more about the Clean Slate Initiative:

In an amendment supported by Mayor Emanuel, the Illinois State Police would be required to annually clear all juvenile arrest records under the following conditions:

  • The individual has turned 18
  • The minor was arrested and no charges were filed with the court
  • At least 6 months have passed since the date of the arrest and there have been no other arrests during that period.

What is the Current Process to Clear Records?

  1. Individual must go to each arresting police department and get a copy of his or her arrest record.
  2. Then, the individual must fill out the appropriate forms and a copy of the "criminal disposition" from the court clerk's office.
  3. A petition has to be filed separately for each arrest, and each petition costs $64.
  4. These forms and documents must be filed with the court clerk.
  5. Next, the individual must schedule and attend a hearing before a judge.
  6. If the judge orders the individual's juvenile record to be cleared, the individual is responsible for informing all arresting police departments and the Illinois State Police.

Everyone makes mistakes when they are young. And everyone should have the same opportunity to wipe the slate clean. The Clean Slate Initiative will break down barriers so everyone has an equal shot at a successful future.

If you agree, sign the petition above and share it with your family and friends.

We will bring this petition to Springfield to ensure that Illinois leaders pass this important bill.