Welcome to “Retirement Security: Honesty and Solutions,” a web portal dedicated to providing answers and discussing real solutions to preserve retirement security for those who have dedicated their lives to serving this City. Mayor Emanuel believes those who have spent their lives working for Chicago deserve a secure future with a reasonable retirement. However, our system is broken, and if nothing changes, both taxpayers and the retiring city employees will suffer. We must take action now, to prevent skyrocketing taxes, drastic reductions in City services, or even the bankrupting of our pension system. The City of Chicago needs everyone to come together immediately to solve this growing problem. This site will provide facts about the City pension system and allow an honest discussion about the solutions we urgently need to reach.


Just The Facts

How We Got Here


Time for Solutions

*Numbers represent property tax bills if necessary changes aren’t made.

$108 Billion

City taxpayers will also be responsible for their share of the $108 billion of pension debt that will have accumulated by 2017 for the State of Illinois, Cook County, Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, and Forest Preserve District of Cook County. That tax impact for your share would be in addition to the property tax increase estimated above to address funding of City pensions.