May 17, 2017

Mayor Emanuel Joins Illinois Municipal Leaders Urging Governor and State Lawmakers to Pass a Budget Without Shifting Burden to Local Taxpayers

Bipartisan coalition of local leaders reject attempts to balance budget by reducing local share of the Local Government Distributive Fund
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CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel today joined a bipartisan group of local leaders from across the greater Chicagoland area in urging Governor Rauner and state lawmakers to pass a budget without putting the burden on local governments by reducing the local share of the Local Government Distributive Fund (LGDF).
“Too often the budget debate in Springfield is viewed as something abstract, or a partisan battle of attrition,” Mayor Emanuel said. “As leaders at the local level who must address problems despite the state’s funding shortfalls and bill backlogs, we know full well this is neither an abstraction nor an opportunity for partisan gain – it’s a matter of doing the right thing for people all across Illinois. Local governments throughout the state already are stretched to the brink, and cannot afford careless cuts to the LGDF.”
Local governments receive a portion of state income taxes, which is distributed through the LGDF. Reducing the local share of LGDF would result in far fewer resources available to provide public safety, economic development, transportation and housing for residents in towns, cities and villages across the greater Chicago region.
“The Mayors Caucus sees the state’s finances at a critical point and action is needed now to keep us from irreparable damage,” said Robert Nunamaker, President of Village of Fox River Grove and Chairman of the Metropolitan Mayors Caucus.

View the letter signed by local leaders representing 275 cities, towns, and other municipalities across the greater Chicagoland area.