Snow Corps

Chicago Snow Corps is a program that connects volunteers with residents– such as seniors and residents with disabilities - in need of snow removal.

To request a volunteer to shovel your sidewalk or block in case of extreme snowfall, call 311, submit an online Service Request or contact your Ward office. This is a volunteer-matching service. The City will do its best to match those who have requested assistance with those who have volunteered.

To become a volunteer and help residents with snow removal, join the Snow Corps by filling out the form below. While winter can be hazardous for everyone here in the City of Chicago, it can be especially difficult for elderly and physically disabled residents, who may not have the ability or resources to remove snow from their sidewalks and walkways. Chicago Snow Corps aims to help minimize potential heavy-snow emergencies by pairing volunteers with blocks where elderly and disabled citizens have requested help.

 Join Snow Corp FAQ    
Join Snow Corps FAQ
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