Support for Entrepreneurs

New Americans have a long history of starting successful businesses in Chicago. Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection offers a wealth of resources for entrepreneurs, described below:

The Restaurant Start-Up Program is designed to make it easier for you to start a restaurant in the City of Chicago. The City will be more of a partner helping you grow and create jobs by making the start-up process easier, reducing inspection visits and wait times through a team-based approach, helping restaurants pass their inspections, and increasing inspection transparency. Start-up guides are available in English, Chinese, Korean, Polish, and Spanish.

The Small Business Center is the business licensing division of the City of Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) and the City’s “one-stop-shop” for business licensing, public way use permitting, and connecting entrepreneurs to business resources.

The New Americans Small Business Series, also known as the Small Business Center on the Road Small Business Expos, are a series of quarterly events that foster small business growth in immigrant communities throughout Chicago by creating temporary one-stop-shops in community settings. Immigrants in Chicago are 50% more likely to open up a small business and these one-stop-shops ease the process by providing technical advice on how to start a small business, navigate the licensing process, comply with tax laws, interact with chambers of commerce, and access capital.

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