Chicago's Buckingham Fountain

Put the Guns Down

Put the Guns Down

When and What:

3rd Annual Faith and Action Kick off, 2016

Mayor Rahm Emanuel wants YOU (Chicago residents, community organizations, block clubs, faith groups, businesses and institutions) to organize citywide anti-violence activities on May 27, 2016 from 7 to 9 pm. Every block, every street, every neighborhood should be involved!

What Can You do?

Organize/host something uniquely yours to send a positive message of peace for our city! It doesn’t matter if your event is large- or small-scale, just COME OUT and show your support! Here’s what you can do:

      • Barbeque  
      • Neighborhood walk 
      • Neighborhood clean-up
      • Prayer groups
      • Sports/activities for youth
      • Rally
      • Wellness checks of seniors
      • Block club party
      • Choir performance
      • Outdoor church/tent service
      • Positive loitering (standing on a corner)

On May 27th between 7 and 9 pm, SHOW PRESENCE and SOLIDARITY across Chicago so we can take our Streets and create a safer and more peaceful city!

Let us know what you're planning! Call us at 312.744.1718 or email us at