June 19, 2017

Urban Area Working Group (UAWG)

Urban Area Working Group (UAWG)
Training and Exercise Subcommittee Meeting Agenda
Date: Tuesday June 20, 2017 (1000-1100hrs)
Location: OEMC 1411 W. Madison St. (Rm. 456)




   I. Alignment of Multijurisdictional Trainings and Exercises
         a. Training and Exercise Plan (TEP) Discussion
               i. Draft Multi-year Training and Exercise Plan (MYTEP) Review
               ii. What to include in the TEP

   II. Department Priorities Sheet (Core Capabilities)
        a. Trainings
        b. Exercises

   III. Upcoming Trainings and Exercises
       a. County Agencies
       b. City Agencies

   IV. Review of Subcommittee Task Members Deliverables Needed to Move Forward
       a. Core Capabilities chart for MYTEP
       b. Updated Training/Exercise calendars
            i. Goals and Objectives charts


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