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Trees are one of Chicago's most important natural resources.  They provide beauty, shade and help to clean the air.  But like any natural resource in an urban setting, they need care.  Chicago has more than 500,000 parkway trees and each is maintained by the Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation Bureau of Forestry.

The Bureau of Forestry trims thousands of trees a year, plants new trees along the public right-of-way, addresses insect and disease problems, and otherwise promotes tree health throughout the City of Chicago.

The Bureau of Forestry also responds to tree emergencies in the public way at all hours.

The Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation, Bureau of Forestry works in cooperation with the US Forest Service and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Most Recent News (Forestry)

Jul 7, 2016 Mayor Emanuel Announces Tree Trimming Backlog Reduced By 80 Percent, On Track To Eliminate By Year’s End
Dec 30, 2015 City of Chicago Announces Annual Christmas Tree Recycling Program
Oct 6, 2015 Mayor Emanuel Announces 10 Additional Crews Are Being Redirected to Forestry To Completely Eliminate Tree Trimming Backlog
Apr 24, 2015 Mayor Emanuel Announces City Plan to Plant More Than 11,800 Trees in Neighborhoods Citywide This Year


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