Baiting Pilot program to decrease the reproduction of rats will be conducted in the Summer of 2017

March 1, 2017

Michele Gamble    312-742-2595/

The Department of Streets and Sanitation is seeking participants to provide bait or an additive in semi-solid or liquid form that will deter reproduction.

If your company offers such product and you would be interested in participation in the Baiting Pilot program at no cost by the City of Chicago, Department of Streets and Sanitation, please submit your request for participation no later than April 3, 2017 to:

City of Chicago, Department of Streets and Sanitation

121 North LaSalle Street, Room 1107

Chicago, Illinois 60602

Attention: Michele Gamble, Contracts Coordinator 

The request must at minimum include the following:

Company name, address and other pertinent contact information for the vendor, a description of the product or service offered and the use for which the product or service is intended, product MSDS sheet, a description of the test, trial or other use that the City is permitted, and the allotted length of time for such test, trial or use (six months minimum). The request must also state that such testing, trial or use is without cost to the City, and that through such test, trial or use, the City incurs no obligation to purchase, order, or otherwise procure the product or service, nor is the vendor authorized to reference the City's test, trial or use of the product in any press release, promotional or sales material.

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