Traffic Services (Vehicle Removal/Towing & Special Events Enforcement)


While the Bureau of Traffic Services is best known for the towing or relocation of vehicles, they routinely provide critical support services for many large scale civic events and emergency operations. This includes the posting of temporary parking restrictions and the delivery of security barricades and other temporary structures used for traffic and crowd control.

Traffic Services also manages the program that utilizes contractor tow trucks from the private sector  to keep abandoned vehicles off of city streets. Chicago once had a great backlog for towing abandoned vehicles. But that changed in 1989 when the City initiated an innovative program that assigned the towing of junk vehicles to private towing firms. 

As a result, the backlog was cut dramatically and the glut of abandoned vehicles has been greatly reduced.

As for vehicles towed for other infractions, the City established an information sharing partnership with the insurance industry to greatly increase the chances that a towed vehicle can be located and eventually reunited with its owner.

If your vehicle has been towed and impounded by the City of Chicago Police Department, visit their website at of click on the following link: Relocated & Towed Vehicle/Department of Finance.

Also, for traffic information, please visit the Department of Transportation website at