Chicago Recycling Guide: A to Z

The City of Chicago's Blue Cart Recycling and Drop-Off Centers accept many types of materials.  For items that the City cannot collect, residents may contact other organizations and businesses dedicated to recycling.  The directory below provides an alphabetized database of common household materials and where they can be recycled.

To use the directory, simply click on the first letter of the material you want to recycle.  For example, to recycle cardboard, click on "C".


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Each page includes the following information:

  • What materials can be recycled?
  • Is this material accepted in Blue Cart or Drop-Off? City of Chicago Recycling Drop-Off Center
  • Is there another alternate recycling location?
  • Recycling Location Address, Phone, and Website
  • Details / Restrictions for the Location

If you find outdated information or cannot locate a material in this directory, please submit corrections or inquiries to

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