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Supporting Information

2012 Water and Sewer Main Projects
Water and Sewer construction projects for 2012 by start date of project.


2013 Water and Sewer Main Projects
Water and Sewer construction projects for 2013 by start date of project.


2014 Water and Sewer Main Projects
Water and Sewer construction projects for 2014 by start date of project


A Permit Overview
A Permit Overview


About Blue Cart Recycling
Information about the Blue Cart recycling program.


AccessChicago Sponsorship Page


Accessible Housing
Housing information services offered by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD) are designed to promote and identify integrated, adaptable/accessible and affordable housing for people with disabilities in the Chicago metropolitan area.


Adjacent Neighbors Land Acquisition Program (ANLAP)
The Adjacent neighbors Land Acquisition Program (ANLAP) enables homeowners in certain areas of Chicago to purchase vacant, city-owned lots for less than market value.


Administrative Adjustments
Administrative adjustments are intended to provide a streamlined approval procedure for minor modifications of selected zoning standards.


Aircraft Noise Complaints
Fill out your aircraft noise complaints


Aldermanic Acknowledgement Letter for Building Permit Applications
The Department of Buildings forwards a listing of all permit applications submitted to the Department, which contains the property address and the proposed scope of work, to the Alderman of each respective ward on a daily basis.


Basement Flooding Partnership
The BFP is a new partnership between the City of Chicago and neighbors who wish to reduce the risk of basement flooding during heavy rains.


Bioinfiltration: Rain Gardens
Information on Rain Gardens


Blocking Rainwater and Preventing Sewer Backup
Information on Blocking Rainwater and Preventing Sewer Backup


Blue Cart & Recycling Drop-off Center: Accepted Materials
List of materials that are accepted in the Chicago Blue Cart Program & Recycling Drop-off Centers.


Blue Cart Recycling in Chicago As Of January 2013 - Map & Schedule
Blue Cart Recycling Information


Blue Cart Schedule and Maps
View the Blue Cart Residential Recycling Map to identify your residence's pick-up zone, hauler and schedule.


CFL Recycling and Disposal
Information about how to handle and recycle compact fluorescent lightbulbs, also called CFLs.


Cable Operator Contact Information
For additional information, please refer to the company's website, or call the Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection at 312-744-4052.


Carbon Monoxide Information
Frequently Asked Questions about Carbon Monoxide Information


Census Maps
Chicago Census Maps.


Central Area Action Plan
The Central Area Action Plan (CAAP) contains information intended to encourage the implementation of policies and projects essential for the Central Area’s effective functioning, growth and quality of life.


Changes to Battery Recycling Program
As of January 1, 2012, Chicago’s Battery Recycling Program has been discontinued, including collections at Chicago Public Libraries. Rechargeable batteries can still be recycled at multiple locations throughout Chicago, such as the Household Chemicals and Computer Recycling Facility. Find additional locations at


Chicago Community Land Trust for Developers
The Chicago Community Land Trust (CCLT) was founded in 2006 to address the increasingly limited supply of funding for affordable housing.


Chicago Landmark Designation: Marina City
The Commission on Chicago Landmarks voted in favor of a final recommendation to City Council that Marina City be designated as a Chicago Landmark.


Chicago Recycling Guide: A to Z
Chicago's A to Z Guide to Recycling


Chicago Recycling Guide: All Materials
Chicago Recycling A to Z


Chicago's Blue Cart Residential Recycling Program
The Blue Cart program provides bi-weekly recycling services to single family homes and multi-unit buildings with four or fewer units.


Clean up After the Flood
Documents form State and Federal sources that provide information on how to handle the cleaning procedure to a home after a flood has occurred.


Combined Sewers
The City of Chicago recognizes the importance of the built infrastructure in terms of managing stormwater. The City’s Department of Water Management spends approximately $50 million per year to clean and upgrade 4,400 miles of sewer lines and 340,000 related structures. Additionally, the City acknowledges the importance of the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, known as Deep Tunnel, in the long-term management of stormwater.


Conservation Inspection
The Division of Building Inspections, more commonly known as "Conservation", is charged with enforcing the Chicago Building Code as it relates to the City's existing housing stock.


BACP protects consumers from fraud by resolving complaints and taking action against fraudulent businesses. BACP promotes consumer awareness through education and information to help consumers protect themselves.


Deck and Porch Safety
Deck and Porch Safety Information


Demolition Delay Hold List (2014)
See the list for Demolition Delay Hold for the year 2014


Demolition Delay Hold List (2015)
See the list for Demolition Delay Hold for 2015


Demolition Delay Hold List (2016)
See the list for Demolition Delay Hold for 2016


Demolition Delay Hold List (2017)
See the list for Demolition Delay Hold for 2017


Disconnect Your Downspout
A Guide to Downspout Disconnection


Downspout Disconnection
Downspout disconnection can help prevent basement sewage backup. Before you disconnect your downspout, consider where you are directing the water, and that cold weather will cause icing conditions.


Downspouts, Rain Barrels and Cisterns
Traditionally, roof runoff in Chicago has been routed via downspouts directly into the sewer system. However, the City of Chicago encourages the careful disconnection of downspouts so that roof runoff can flow directly into vegetated areas. Please see various options on this page.


Easy Payment
The City of Chicago offers a variety of payment options to help make bill paying more convenient


Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Links Page
Information on the Emerald Ash Borer and important links.


Emergency Preparedness for Pet Owners
Necessary precautionary steps in the case of floods, fires, blizzards, terrorism.


Energy Disclosure Application
The Application for Energy Disclosure is used to request gas or electric disclosures on a particular address and / or unit number.


Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
Get involved in Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy programs.


Fast Track Abatement Program
The FTD ordinance authorizes the City to board, repair, or demolish residential and commercial buildings of up to three stories or less in height that are vacant, open, and constitute a hazard to the community.


Filter Strips
Information on Filter Strips and their advantages.


Find a Residential Recycling Drop Off Center
Residential Recycling Drop-Off Centers—blue dumpsters specifically designated for recycling—are located throughout the city. View a list of locations below.


Foreclosure Prevention and Housing Counseling Centers
Housing Counseling Centers provide counseling to help Chicago residents purchase homes and reduce the number of properties that are lost as a result of foreclosure.


Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions about Driveway Permit


Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative
The Chicago-style bungalow was developed in the early 1900s in response to a pressing demand for middle-class housing during a period of dynamic growth in Chicago. The City of Chicago established the Historic Chicago Bungalow Initiative in 2000 to help foster an appreciation of the Chicago Bungalow as a distinctive housing type, to encourage sympathetic rehabilitation of Chicago bungalows, and assist bungalow owners with adapting their homes to modern and energy efficiency needs, which in turn helps to strengthen Chicago neighborhoods. The Initiative is administered by the Historic Chicago Bungalow Association.


Home Repair Tips For Consumers
The City of Chicago is offering consumers smart tips on how to choose the right contractor and how to detect red flags to avoid getting scammed by a rip off contractor.


Homeowner Permit Information
For comprehensive information on building permits for homeowners, check out our new Guide to Permits and Addendum on When A Permit is Not Required and our Homeowner's Assistance Program.


Homeward Bound Animal Placement Program
Transferring animals to other State Licensed animal shelters or breed rescue groups often provides them a much better chance of being adopted than remaining at our shelter. Through the Homeward Bound Program, nearly 7,000 animals are transferred out to partnering shelters each year!


Human Service Delivery
Human Service Delivery is about people and partners.


Important Contact Information
A Listing of Department of Buildings Phone Numbers


Information on the Demolition Process
The Department of Buildings' Demolition Bureau responds to complaints generated by the 311 system reported by residents, community groups, Aldermanic offices, as well as the Chicago Police Department. The bureau responds to complaints of vacant and open buildings.


Introduction to Green Design
Informational page on Green design


Invasive Species
Threat of invasive species.


Lead Poisoning Prevention
Some simple things you can do to help protect your family from lead poisoning.


Lead Poisoning Prevention
Some simple things you can do to help protect your family from lead poisoning.


Mailing My Payment
The City of Chicago offers a variety of payment options to help make bill paying more convenient.


Microchip Chicago
Chicago Animal Care and Control strongly recommends that all pet owners microchip and obtain a collar and tag for your pets. Cats that get lost are 9 times more likely to be reunited to their home if they arrive at a shelter with a collar and tag or microchip. Dogs are 5 times more likely to be returned home to their owner if they have a collar and tag or microchip. It is also the law for all dogs to have a city dog license. If your pet gets lost and is found by our shelter we will research the tag and microchip information and contact you as soon as possible to let you know your pet is with us.


Mortgage and Foreclosure Rescue Scams
Foreclosure Rescue and Loan Modification Scams


Programs to assist potential homeowners and existing homeowners with their mortgage.


Neighborhood Inspection Follow-Up Conference Calls
The following telephone conference calls occurred after a neighborhood inspection and cleaning of the sewers in the area.


Nomination: Chicago Park Boulevard System Historic District
The Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Planning and Development is preparing a nomination of Chicago’s historic Park Boulevard System to the National Register of Historic Places. The City’s park boulevard system is one of Chicago’s finest historic resources.


Nomination: West Loop-La Salle Street Historic District
The Historic Preservation Division of the Department of Planning and Development is preparing a nomination of Chicago’s historic West Loop to the National Register of Historic Places.


Office of the Zoning Administrator
Information for sending correspondence to the Office of the Zoning Administrator


Ordinance, Publications and Additional Chicago Landmark Information
A list of landmark-related publications by Commission on Chicago Landmarks, including the Landmarks Ordinance, Permit Review schedule and guidelines, and the "U.S. Secretary of the Interior Standards for Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings."


Payment Locations
The City of Chicago offers a variety of payment options to help make bill paying more convenient


Pet Responsibility Portal
Pet ownership is a very rewarding privilege that requires a high level of responsibility and investment on the animal owner's behalf.


Plan Examination
The Department of Planning and Development reviews building permit applications to ensure plans are in compliance with the Chicago Zoning Ordinance.


Porch FAQ
Frequently asked questions about porch safety.


Private Drains
This program is designed to help alleviate the financial burden homeowners incur when a sewer repair is required in the public way. Typically, homeowners could expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for these types of repairs. Now, the City of Chicago will be responsible for repairs to your private sewer drain in the parkway and in the street.


Private Sector Recycling
Chicago's City Council adopted the Workplace and Residential Recycling Ordinance in 1994, requiring all property managers and building owners to implement an effective recycling program by January 1, 1995. The City regularly inspects businesses to ensure compliance and issues citations for noncompliance.


Purchasing A Mattress In Chicago
Before buying a mattress, there are certain things every consumer should know.


Question, Concern or Request?
To report a street or parkway leak, an open fire hydrant, or to shut off the water in an emergency PLEASE CALL 3-1-1 immediately.


Radon is a colorless, odorless, and poisonous gas that is released in the soil. The amount of uranium in your soil determines the amount of radon released into the ground around your home.


There are many opportunities for recycling in Chicago. Find out how you can start recycling.


Refund Anticipation Loans (Instant Refunds). What Consumers Need To Know.
The High Cost of “Instant Refunds” or Refund Anticipation Loans. Important tips for Consumers during Tax Season.


Resident Service Fairs
These will be one-stop workshops where residents can speak with experts from different city agencies to learn more about the many services that are already available, as well as new initiatives that we are launching.


Residential Garbage
The Bureau of Sanitation collects residential garbage from approximately 600,000 households in Chicago. Pick-ups are weekly, Mondays through Fridays. City crews service all single-family residences and apartment buildings of four units or less. More than one million tons of garbage and recyclables are collected annually.


Resolution to Amend the Rules and Regulations of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks
Resolution to Amend the Rules and Regulations of the Commission on Chicago Landmarks information.


Roof-Top Water Tank
Roof top water tanks are regulated by the Department of Buildings.


Senior Citizen Sewer Service Charge Exemption


Senior Citizen Sewer Service Charge Exemption
The Senior Citizen Sewer Exemption entitles seniors aged 65 or over, residing in their own residence with separate metered water service or a separate city water assessment for that residential unit, exemption from payment of the sewer service charge for their residence. This exemption provides substantial savings to seniors.


Survive Alive House
The Public Education Section of the Chicago Fire Department's Fire Prevention Bureau has collaborated with the Chicago Public Schools, Archdiocese of Chicago, and hundreds of pre-schools to provide a Fire/Burn prevention type of program at the pre-kindergarten through 8th grade levels.


TIF Success Stories


Tax Increment Financing-Neighborhood Improvement Program (TIF-NIP)
Program (TIF-NIP) is an DPD-administered program that has been providing home repair grants in eligible TIF districts since 1999.


TaxSmart Mortgage Credit Certificate Program
TaxSmart is a Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program that provides a federal income tax credit to qualified homebuyers.


TaxSmart Mortgage Credit Certificate Program - Information for Lenders Only
The Series 2010 TaxSmart Mortgage Credit Certificate Program for Lenders gives financial institutions an opportunity to participate in the City of Chicago's TaxSmart MCC program.


Technical Assistance-Community (former Housing Resource Centers/HRC)
Technical Assistance-Community (former Housing Resource Center or HRC) agencies provide housing-related information, problem solving, community events, workshops and housing fairs to assist low- and moderate-income homeowners. Funded by the Chicago Department of Planning and Development, the agencies work together to provide comprehensive financial management assistance to clients.


Tent Permit Process
The City of Chicago allows tents to be erected, but there are restrictions and requirements for these structures. Depending on the size of the structure, this may include receiving a permit.


Tips to Avoid Post Storm Damage Scams
Avoid any so-called "contractors" that knock on your door, tell you they're working in the neighborhood, and ask if you need assistance. More Tips below.


Useful Green Links
This page contains many useful links to Green sites


Utility Tax FAQ


Volunteering at Chicago Animal Care and Control
Animal Care & Control welcomes volunteers to assist in the socialization and adoption of animals housed at Animal Care & Control.


With the Lake Michigan to the east and the Chicago River winding through the heart of the city, Chicago maintains valuable water resources. Preservation of the lakeshore ensures clean drinking water and beaches while restoration of the Chicago River will open the city’s next recreational frontier under the Mayor's leadership. Explore the links below to learn more about water in Chicago and how you can help protect and conserve it.


Water Bill Rates & Charges
Please see below the Water and Sewer Rates Voted on and approved by the Mayor and Chicago City Council of Chicago.


Water and Sewer Rates


When a Building Permit is NOT Required
When a permit is Not Required


Who is CCHR?
The Commission on Human Relations promotes appreciation of Chicago's diversity and works to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Commissioners, advisory councils, and staff conduct pro-active programs of education, intervention, and constituency building to discourage bigotry and bring people from different groups together.


ZBA Resolutions - 1982-Present
An archive of decisions made by the Zoning Board of Appeals of the Department of Planning and Development from 1982 to the present.


Zero Waste Chicago
Explore the following efforts to support the City's long term goal of achieving zero waste.