City Services
City Services


  2017 Dates of Non-Scheduled Garbage Collection 
Non-Scheduled Dates for Garbage Collection.


  Accessibility Compliance Advice/Technical Assistance 
Find answers to your questions about the rights and responsibilities of business owners, employees and consumers under federal, state and local laws.


  Are you Rain Ready? 
Chicago’s Sustainable Backyards Program is an educational and incentive program that highlights the many ways Chicago residents can create more environmentally-friendly landscapes in their yards. Together, as more and more residents install a rain barrel or plant a tree, we will make a positive impact on our quality of life in Chicago!


(Online Service) Building Violation Building Violation 
Report a building violation


(Online Service) Building Violations Building Violations 
Look up Building Violations Online


(Online Service) Check Status of Garbage Cart Service Request Check Status of Garbage Cart Service Request 
Check status of a service request regarding a missing or stolen Garbage Cart.


  Chicago Housing Authority's Family Housing Wait List Information 
Please view the FAQs listed on the CHA website for information on what happens next or any additional questions.


  City-Funded Affordable Homes For Purchase 
Search for properties by community area below. Contact the affiliated program provider below each listing for more information.


(Online Service) Consumer Fraud Complaint Consumer Fraud Complaint 
File a consumer fraud complaint regarding possible illegal practices by businesses in the City of Chicago.


(Online Service) Dead Animal Pick Up, Rodent Control Dead Animal Pick Up, Rodent Control 
Reports of dead animals should be made to city's request line at 3-1-1.


(Online Service) Dead or Damaged Trees Dead or Damaged Trees 
The Bureau of Forestry coordinates the removal of parkway or trees in the public way that are dead or damaged.


(Online Service) Emergency Food Assistance Emergency Food Assistance 
The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services has improved the quality and availability of the food that we provide to residents in need.


  Financial Assistance for Lead Abatement 
Department of Public Health has limited grant funding to assist low-income homeowners and landlords of affordable housing with eliminating lead hazards in their buildings.


(Online Service) Garbage Cart Garbage Cart 
More than 1.5 million, heavy duty plastic 96-gallon garbage carts with tight fitted lids often referred to as super carts are supplied free to single-family residences and apartment buildings of four units or less.


  Garbage Collection 
The City of Chicago has implemented the grid garbage collection system citywide.


(Online Service) Graffiti Removal Program Graffiti Removal Program 
Graffiti is vandalism, it scars the community, hurts property values and diminishes our quality of life.


(Online Service) Graffiti Removal Services Graffiti Removal Services 


  HomeMod - Program 
Sponsored by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD), the HomeMod Program will allow people with disabilities, who are under the age of sixty, to receive home modifications that make their living environment accessible.


  Homeless Services 
The best way to end homelessness is to prevent it from occurring in the first place.


  Information About Living in Illinois 
This section provides you with important information for living a full and productive life in Illinois.


(Online Service) Lead Hazard Home Inspection Lead Hazard Home Inspection 
The Chicago Department of Public Health offers home inspections for various sources of lead hazards that may be present in the home.


(Online Service) Low Water Pressure Low Water Pressure 
Report low water pressure in your home.


(Online Service) Porch Inspection Porch Inspection 
Report an unsafe porch and request an inspection


(Online Service) Rat Stoppage Tickets Rat Stoppage Tickets 
City of Chicago rodent control experts will inspect the interior of any private property at the request of its owner and offer an evaluation of the best possible means to eliminate a rat problem.


(Online Service) Rats in Chicago Rats in Chicago 
Mayor Emanuel has continued Chicago's increasingly effective rodent abatement program, including four successful new strategies


(Online Service) Recycling Block Captain Recycling Block Captain 
Become part of a volunteer grassroots network and support the Blue Cart Recycling Program.


(Online Service) Request Alley Lights Request Alley Lights 


  Residential Recycling Drop Off Center 
Use the City’s Residential Recycling Drop-off Centers to recycle the same full range of materials accepted in the Blue Cart Recycling Program, including paper, plastics, glass and cardboard.


(Online Service) Rodent Baiting, Rodent Control Rodent Baiting, Rodent Control 
Chicago's Bureau of Rodent Control investigates all rat sightings and rodenticide is placed in rat burrows.


(Online Service) Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting 
Chicago has embarked on a program to greatly improve illumination under its viaducts.


(Online Service) Water in Basement Water in Basement 
Online reporting of water in your basement.


(Online Service) Water in the Street Water in the Street 
File a report if you see water in the street after a storm.