City Services


(Online Service) Alley Lights Alley Lights 
The Department of Transportation has implemented several group relamping programs to reduce outages and lower maintenance costs. Citizens are encouraged to call 311 to report any outages or vandalized fixtures


  Assisted Living Information 
A comparison of different living arrangements for Seniors in the City of Chicago


(Online Service) Benefits and Services Benefits and Services 
The Chicago Department of Family & Support Services links Chicago residents age 60 and better to more than 70 city, state and federal benefits to which they may be entitled


(Online Service) Birth Records or Death Certificates from the Cook County Clerk's Office Birth Records or Death Certificates from the Cook County Clerk's Office 
The Cook County Clerk's office serves as the official record keeper for births, marriages and deaths that occur in Chicago and suburban Cook County. The Clerk's Bureau of Vital Statistics division provides copies of these documents for eligible individuals upon request.


  CHA Resident Services 
CHA's Plan for Transformation is much more than bricks and mortar. It's also about supporting families as they strive for self-sufficiency.


  Caregiving Assistance 
The Chicago Department of Senior Services offers a variety of programs and services for families who are caring for their older loved ones. We know that your goal as an informal caregiver is to help your loved one maintain as much control over their own lives as possible under the circumstances. Our goal is to help you do that.


  Chicago Housing Authority (CHA) Housing 
As the largest owner of rental property in Chicago, CHA offers a variety of housing opportunities for low-income families and senior citizens...


  City Cooling Centers 
During the summer months, the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services operates six cooling centers located inside of the City’s six Community Service Centers.


(Online Service) City Vehicle Sticker Violation City Vehicle Sticker Violation 
If you see a city sticker violation report it online.


  City-Funded Affordable Homes For Purchase 
Search for properties by community area below. Contact the affiliated program provider below each listing for more information.


(Online Service) Complaint Against a Chicago Police Officer Complaint Against a Chicago Police Officer 
If a member of the public is dissatisfied with the police service he or she has received or has a complaint against a Chicago Police Department member (civilian and sworn), he or she can report the incident directly to IPRA.


(Online Service) Compliment about a Chicago Police Officer Compliment about a Chicago Police Officer 
If a member of the public is pleased with the service he or she received from an officer, and in particular if the officer has done something extraordinary, the Independent Police Review Authority encourages the member of the public to formally compliment the officer.


(Online Service) Dead Animal Pick Up, Rodent Control Dead Animal Pick Up, Rodent Control 
Reports of dead animals should be made to city's request line at 3-1-1.


(Online Service) Dead or Damaged Trees Dead or Damaged Trees 
The Bureau of Forestry coordinates the removal of parkway or trees in the public way that are dead or damaged.


(Online Service) Dog Registration Dog Registration 
Dog license applications are now being accepted at both City Clerk Satellite facilities.


(Online Service) Emergency Food Assistance Emergency Food Assistance 
The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services has improved the quality and availability of the food that we provide to residents in need.


(Online Service) Extreme Weather and Emergency Services Extreme Weather and Emergency Services 
The Department of Family and Support Services works with other city departments to help residents through periods of severe weather.


  Find Your Ward and Alderman 
Information about all 50 Wards and their Alderman.


  Free Amplified Phone and CapTel Device 
MOPD offers free amplified phones, Teletypewriters (TTYs) and CapTel devices.


(Online Service) Garbage Cart Garbage Cart 
More than 1.5 million, heavy duty plastic 96-gallon garbage carts with tight fitted lids often referred to as super carts are supplied free to single-family residences and apartment buildings of four units or less.


  Garbage Collection 
The City of Chicago has implemented the grid garbage collection system citywide.


  Help on Domestic Violence 
The Office on Domestic Violence continues to house and oversee the operation of the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line. The Help Line is a 24-hour, toll-free confidential number that functions as a clearinghouse for domestic violence services and information.


  Information About Illinois and Chicago-area Victims of domestic violence 
The ILDVDI Clearinghouse is a collaborative effort of the Department of Family and Support Services, Division on Domestic Violence (DDV) and the Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Council. The ILDVDI Clearinghouse was developed to create easy access to domestic violence related data and information available in Illinois, to increase knowledge about Illinois and Chicago area victims of domestic violence, and to better serve and improve the lives of Illinois domestic violence victims and their families.


  Information About Living in Illinois 
This section provides you with important information for living a full and productive life in Illinois.


  Insurance Counseling for Seniors 
Volunteer counselors with Senior Health Insurance Program (SHIP)offer free, one-on-one insurance counseling at our Regional Senior Centers.


(Online Service) Library Services Library Services 
Services are provided by the Chicago Public Library free of charge; some may require a valid library card.


(Online Service) Link Card, Food Stamps and Medical Assistance Link Card, Food Stamps and Medical Assistance 
Use the Illinois Web Benefits Online Application System to apply for SNAP, cash or medical assistance. Follow the instructions on the first page of the application process.


  Lost Pets and Stray Animals  
If you lost your pet in Chicago, please visit Chicago Animal Care & Control at 2741 S. Western Ave.


  MOPD's 2nd Quarterly Information Session 
Individuals are referred for ILP services from various sources such as self referrals, social workers, discharge planners, and others.


(Online Service) Make Genealogy Requests Online Make Genealogy Requests Online 
he Genealogy Unit of the Cook County Clerk's Bureau of Vital Records provides non-certified versions of birth, death and marriage records for the purpose of genealogical research.


  Outside the City of Chicago - Lost Pet 
If you lost your pet outside of the City of Chicago, please contact these additional agencies that impound stray animals.


  Pelvic Examination and Pap Smear 
Pelvic examination and pap smear are provided to women as needed.


(Online Service) Permit Parking Zone Lookup Permit Parking Zone Lookup 
Residents can look up their Residential Parking Permit Zone online.


  Pet Adoption 
Every companion animal deserves a loving home.


  Public Aid from the Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services 
Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services, formerly the Department of Public Aid, the state agency dedicated to improving the lives of Illinois' families through healthcare coverage and child support enforcement.


(Online Service) Rat Stoppage Tickets Rat Stoppage Tickets 
City of Chicago rodent control experts will inspect the interior of any private property at the request of its owner and offer an evaluation of the best possible means to eliminate a rat problem.


(Online Service) Rats in Chicago Rats in Chicago 
Mayor Emanuel has continued Chicago's increasingly effective rodent abatement program, including four successful new strategies


  Real Property Transfer Tax Refund - Seniors 
Section 3-33-060(O) of the Municipal Code includes a refund provision for the CTA portion of the Real Property Transfer Tax for transfers valued at $250,000.00 or less to transferees who are age 65 years or older and will occupy the property as the principal dwelling place for at least one year following the transfer.


  Regional Senior Center 
Each Regional Center reflects the cultural diversity of the City of Chicago.


(Online Service) Rodent Baiting, Rodent Control Rodent Baiting, Rodent Control 
Chicago's Bureau of Rodent Control investigates all rat sightings and rodenticide is placed in rat burrows.


(Online Service) Senior Related Literature Senior Related Literature 
Information is the key element to accessing all programs and services for senior citizens. By placing a request an older person or caregiver receives information about the services offered by the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services.


  Senior Satellite Center 
The satellite senior centers, part of the Mayor’s vision to keep Chicago’s neighborhoods active, accessible and affordable for Chicago’s senior population, provide services, programs and activities closer to seniors on the neighborhood level.


(Online Service) Senior Services Information and Assessment Assistance Senior Services Information and Assessment Assistance 
Accessing information on all the programs Family and Support Services has to offer for Senior Information and Assistance.


(Online Service) Senior Well Being Check Senior Well Being Check 
This service request is used to identify seniors whose health, safety or general well being are in question.


(Online Service) Technology Resources and Services in Chicago Technology Resources and Services in Chicago 
Connect Chicago is a service to help Chicago residents and visitors find places that offer free or affordable technology resources and services, like computers with Internet access and technology training.


  Tips on Caring for your Dog 
Proper house-training of a puppy (or adult dog) is essential if he/she is to be a welcome member of the family. Fortunately, dogs have instincts that make it easy to teach them proper habits if we are consistent and patient with them. Because dogs are den animals they prefer not to soil their sleeping area. This is the basis of house-training.


(Online Service) Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting 
Chicago has embarked on a program to greatly improve illumination under its viaducts.


  Warming Center 
Bitter cold temperatures are more than an inconvenience; they pose a serious threat to health and safety. The City of Chicago has many services available to help residents weather the winter months.


(Online Service) Weather Relief Weather Relief 
While Chicago enjoys the diversity of four distinct seasons, our winters and summers can produce extreme temperatures. At times, weather conditions may pose a threat to health and safety. The Department of Family and Support Services works with other city departments to help residents through periods of severe weather.


  West Nile Virus 
West Nile virus can cause mild to severe illness. Most people who get infected do not get sick. Some get a mild, flu-like illness. In rarer cases, the virus can affect the brain and spinal cord, and can be fatal.