Recovery and Reinvestment
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Recovery and Reinvestment (Stimulus)



Transform lives by building a foundation for excellence and a pathway to dream, achieve, and contribute to a global society.



Housing & Energy (Environment)

Creation and preservation of affordable housing, energy efficiency for private homes,  foreclosure prevention, and neighborhood stabilization.

Basic Needs (Health & Human Services)

Basic Needs (Health & Human Services

Addresses homelessness, Head Start, and a range of counseling and support services. 
Public Safety

Public Safety

Make streets, sidewalks, schools, and parks safe for all residents. Helping Chicago protect quality of life by adding new resources for preventing and controlling crime and supporting community capacity.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Addresses the most pressing capital needs of CDOT, CTA, and other agencies, including reconstruction, resurfacing, repair, and rail improvements.
Broadband Technology

Broadband (Technology)

Increasing technology access across the city and pursuing digital excellence initiatives that encourage all residents, businesses, and communities to participate fully in the Internet.
Workforce Development

Workforce Development

Ensuring that the investments made in education, job training, and businesses support the overall health of the economy by promoting job development and retention. 
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Download Reports and find other resources with ARRA updates and Job Creation updates.


On February 17, 2009, the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act ("ARRA") was signed into law by President Barack Obama, initiating an unparalleled $787 billion stimulus to the national economy through new spending and tax cuts. Recovery and Reinvestment funds are requested through grant application cycles, awarded by the Federal Government, invested locally, and tracked nationwide. To obtain and disburse funds, Chicago has created these strategy teams listed above.

The teams work as part of the Chicago Recovery Partnership. The Chicago Recovery Partnership has set three goals to define its purpose:  

  • Promote transparency of decision making, funding, and results
  • Support nonprofits in implementing stimulus programs
  • Leave a sustainable, lasting legacy that continues to improve the quality of life for all Chicagoans

Recovery in Chicago: ARRA Reports and Job Creation Updates

Most Recent News (Recovery and Reinvestment (Stimulus))

Jul 23,2016 Mayor Emanuel Announces City Departments Deliver a Blitz of Services to Back of the Yards Neighborhood

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