Recovery and Reinvestment
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Department of Housing & Economic Development

Chicago Housing Authority

Illinois Housing Development Authority

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Recovery

Illinois Environmental Protection Agency

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Housing & Energy (Environment)

Housing & Energy (Environment) Goals

  • Construct or rehab up to 875 affordable rental housing units and more than 900 CHA units
  • Retrofit thousands of housing units to make them more energy efficient
  • Prevent foreclosures by expanding credit counseling and connecting Chicagoans with the new federal Making Home Affordable Loan Modification and Refinancing programs
  • Mitigate the neighborhood impact of foreclosure by acquiring and redeveloping vacant, foreclosed homesAcquire and rehabilitate 90 foreclosed condo units and concert them into affordable rental units Implement the Chicago Climate Action Plan and save money for city residents, city facilities and city infrastructure
  • Save over $3,000,000 annually on city facility energy bills
  • Reduce diesel fuel used by City departments, CTA and CPS
  • Install alternative fueling infrastructure at city and private facilities
  • Pursue ecological restoration
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Q3 Dashboard for Housing & Energy

Q3 Housing and Energy Dashboard

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