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WIA Youth-ARRA funded delegate agencies

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Basic Needs (Health & Human Services)

Basic Needs Goals (Health & Human Services)

  • Expansion of services for children through additional slots in Head Start, Early Head Start and Child Care Assistance Program
  • Expansion of services for youth through summer employment opportunities, scholarships, engagement of homeless youth; and case management, substance abuse and mental health services for youth involved in the criminal justice system
  • Expansion of services for low income residents, including the homeless, through housing placement and stabilization, public benefits outreach and enrollment, counseling and case management, substance abuse and mental health services, and targeted outreach to the chronically homeless
  • Expansion of workforce development services including targeted services for veterans, homeless persons, and expanded service delivery at Community Service Centers
  • Expansion of Services for seniors through nutrition and job training programs
  • Stimulating the local economy through the creation of jobs in the human services sector
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Q3 Dashboard for Basic Needs


Q3 Basic Needs Dashboard


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