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Public Safety

The City of Chicago continues to use every tool at its disposal to make the streets, sidewalks, schools and parks safe for all residents. As with all major Cities, targeted efforts to decrease criminal incidents and vulnerabilities are critical challenges. In the years to come, gathering intelligence and monitoring criminal activity will continue to be crucial for the rapid detection and potential prevention of incidents and crime patterns. Continuing to strengthen partnerships between city departments, particularly Police, Fire, and Office of Emergency Management and Communications, and local, state, and Federal partners is also critical to the City’s ongoing public safety strategy.

The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act is helping Chicago protect the City’s quality of life by adding new resources for preventing and controlling crime and supporting community capacity. By leveraging new relationships forged through the Recovery Partnership, Chicago is building a groundswell of support for comprehensive, coordinated and innovative approaches to increasing public safety. 


Public Safety Goals

  • Increase community capacity to support traditional law enforcement. Expand community-based partnerships to develop a new arts intervention program for youth at the Cook County Juvenile Detention Center and in three neighborhoods that are part of the City's existing Comprehensive Anti-Gang Initiative.
  • Improve Chicago’s safety and preparedness. Provide public safety personnel with supplementary tools to increase public safety and preparedness efforts.
  • Preserve jobs for local law enforcement. Support crime fighting with technology.
  • Increase crime fighting efforts in high crime areas by purchasing vehicles to replace an aging fleet, purchasing in-car cameras for police vehicles to increase the safety of the officers and the public, and adding additional resources in high crime areas over time.
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Q3 Public Safety Dashboard

Q3 Public Safety Dashboard

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