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Broadband (Technology)

In the 21-century economy, everyone needs access to technology to succeed in life. The City of Chicago is committed to increasing technology access across the city and to pursuing digital excellence initiatives that encourage all residents, businesses and communities to participate fully in the Internet. 

Just as the development of a comprehensive road and highway infrastructure was essential to commerce and livability in the last century, a high-speed digital infrastructure is critical for the city of Chicago to compete globally in the 21st century. The City is committed to leveraging the technology components of the Recovery Act to create a platform for long-term economic growth while immediately connecting Chicagoans to technology and job opportunities. The National Telecommunication and Information Administration's competitive Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP) provides $4.7 billion nationally in competitive grants to develop and expand broadband services to under served areas and improve access to broadband by public agencies. 

The City's broadband expansion efforts are a part of its Digital Excellence Initiative, a comprehensive program to ensure that all Chicagoans have the technological tools to compete and thrive in the 21st century.

Broadband (Technology) Goals

  • Connect hundreds of public facilities and community anchor institutions - such as schools, libraries and parks - to the Internet and to each other through an advanced broadband network that rivals the best in the world
  • Provide affordable high-speed Internet services to Chicagoans in under served residential areas, to Chicago Housing Authority residents, and to small businesses in unserved industrial corridors
  • Support advanced applications of broadband technology in areas like community and economic development, education and learning, energy and environment, health and wellness, and public safety and transportation
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Q3 Technology Dashboard

Q3 Technology Dashboard

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