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Workforce Development

In these tough economic times, the City’s top priorities are to ensure that Chicagoans find and keep jobs and that Chicago businesses thrive. We are committed to ensuring that the investments we make in education, job training and business support the overall health of our economy. The City of Chicago expects to receive over $58 million in ARRA funding specifically targeted to promote job development and retention. The sources of these funds are Workforce Investment Act formula grants and competitive grants, the Community Development Block Grant, and the Community Services Block Grant. The agencies and organizations that receive these funds expand the capacity of the workforce development system in Chicago, providing more income, training opportunities, as well as support and case management to job seekers, dislocated workers and youth. Ultimately, ARRA funds could create or save approximately 16,000 jobs in Chicago.


Goals (Workforce Development)

  • To significantly increase the pipeline of skilled residents prepared to work in growing industries in Chicago
  • To put Chicagoans back to work and increase their income or wage-earning potential
  • To ensure that disadvantaged populations and youth have access to employment opportunities
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Q3 Workforce Development Dashboard

Q3 Workforce Development Dashboard

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