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Supporting Information

ADA Sidewalk Ramp Program Progress Report
Since 2006, the Chicago Department of Transportation has installed thousands of sidewalk ramps throughout the city that comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


AccessChicago Sponsorship Page


Auto Pound Locations Map
See all auto pound locations.


Blocking Rainwater and Preventing Sewer Backup
Information on Blocking Rainwater and Preventing Sewer Backup


Boiler Inspections
The Boiler Inspection Bureau makes periodic inspections of boilers and unfired pressure vessels at all apartment buildings where the boiler heats four or more apartments, commercial buildings, schools, churches, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


Building Permit Applications
List of Standard Plan Review applications.


Bullying Prevention
Welcome to the CDPH Bullying Prevention Working Group web page. This page is for youth, parents, adults who work with youth, stakeholders, etc. who want to find resources to prevent bullying in their schools and communities.


CFL Recycling and Disposal
Information about how to handle and recycle compact fluorescent lightbulbs, also called CFLs.


Carbon Monoxide Information
Frequently Asked Questions about Carbon Monoxide Information


Caregiving Support Groups
The Chicago Department of Family & Support Services is mindful that throughout Chicago, an ever growing number of people are devoting themselves to the daily care of loved ones. Whether the role of caregiver comes gradually, or through a sudden crisis, caregivers need somewhere to turn. That is why the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services has expanded our Caregiver Support Program to meet the essential needs of family caregivers.


Certified Plan Corrections
All projects must use Certified Plan Corrections to address plan corrections unless the project meets the criteria for Open Plan Review. The following CPC items are required at the Final Review.


Chicago Releases Three Year Prostitution Study
The Chicago Intersystem Assessment Work Group released a three year study on prostitution for government, non-profit, law enforcement and social service organizations.


Chicago Reports on City's Response to Domestic Violence
The Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence (MODV) and the City of Chicago’s Domestic Violence Advocacy Coordinating Council (DVACC) today released a groundbreaking, book-length assessment describing every level of Government, not-for-profit and private response to domestic violence.


Chicago's Plan to End Homelessness - Plan 2.0: A Home for Everyone
Chicago’s Plan 2.0 is a broad-ranging, seven-year action plan that reaffirms, builds on the core tenets outlined in Chicago’s original Plan to End Homelessness – homeless prevention, housing first, and wraparound services - and identifies new strategies to improve access and opportunity for those most in need.


Children Services Delegate Agency Site Locations
Children Services Delegate Agency services listed with site locations and contact information.


City of Chicago Informs Public of FEMA Flood Assistance Process


City of Chicago VAWA Emergency Transfer Plan for Residents of HUD-Funded Housing Programs
The City of Chicago, through the Department of Family and Support Services, the Department of Public Health and the Department of Planning and Development, is required by the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) to develop a plan for individuals who 1) live in eligible housing that is supported by funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (“HUD”) and 2) have experienced domestic violence.


Clean up After the Flood
Documents form State and Federal sources that provide information on how to handle the cleaning procedure to a home after a flood has occurred.


Combined Sewers
The City of Chicago recognizes the importance of the built infrastructure in terms of managing stormwater. The City’s Department of Water Management spends approximately $50 million per year to clean and upgrade 4,400 miles of sewer lines and 340,000 related structures. Additionally, the City acknowledges the importance of the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan, known as Deep Tunnel, in the long-term management of stormwater.


Committee on Standards and Tests
This committee of building industry technical professional and City staff meets once a month to review the suitability of new systems and methods of construction, new types of equipment, or new combinations of materials not currently permitted or recognized by the Code.


Common Towing Questions
A list of common towing questions.


Community Action for Domestic Violence
Recognize that domestic violence has a serious and negative impact on the quality of life in our city. It is everybody's business.


Community Service Centers
DFSS’ six Community Service Centers are open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday thru Friday. City residents who need assistance can drop in or schedule an appointment in advance.


Conservation Inspection
The Division of Building Inspections, more commonly known as "Conservation", is charged with enforcing the Chicago Building Code as it relates to the City's existing housing stock.


Construction Equipment Inspections
The Construction Equipment Bureau conducts Permit, Licensing and Complaint Inspections. Our objectives are to safeguard the public's health, safety and well being, by holding the construction contractor and machinery supplier to the highest standards in the construction industry.


Consultant's Report


DFSS Well-Being Task Force
The Well Being Task Force has been established to provide services for and advocate on behalf of seniors living alone without internal or external support systems; by establishing a foundation upon which to organize agencies, community partners, and the efforts of their volunteers, to assist in reducing the vulnerability of isolated seniors by locating the senior, sharing information with the seniors, and providing regular follow-up with them.


Delegate Agency 2017 Contracting Documents
The following documents are needed to complete the 2016 delegate agency contract process.


Department Strategic Framework
The Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) has worked with its partners and stakeholders to develop a Strategic Framework – an approach that will transition DFSS to a more outcome-oriented model that focuses on how many people leave better off after receiving DFSS’ services, versus how many people walk through the door.


Developer Services FAQ's
The following is a list of questions frequently asked by our customers. Audience participants at DOB sponsored workshops also raised many of these questions.


Disaster Assistance Application Process
Step by Step Disaster Application Process.


Disconnect Your Downspout
A Guide to Downspout Disconnection


Division on Domestic Violence Delegate Agency Site Locations
Division on Domestic Violence Delegate Agency services listed with site locations and contact information.


Domestic Violence 2009 Summit Series
The Domestic Violence Summit Series was intended as a focused follow up discussion on the Points for Engagement in the Assessment of the Current Response to Domestic Violence in Chicago.


Domestic Violence Annual Reports
Select from the system’s list below to access links to existing annual reports containing Illinois domestic violence victim information.


Domestic Violence Data
ILDVDI databases contain information that can be manipulated and is often downloadable, searchable, and/or customizable.


Domestic Violence Special Publications
ILDVDI Customized reports are typically produced once and typically reflect a “unique” exploration. Formats include, research studies, reports to community, special reports, newspaper articles, etc.


Domestic Violence and the Work Place
If your abuser is harassing or threatening you at work, you may want to think about creating a safety plan for your job. A work-place safety plan is a way for you to identify and make changes to your daily routine which may increase your physical safety and emotional well-being.


Domestic Violence and the Work Place - Employment Protections
While many victims of domestic violence fear they will be discriminated against by their employers after they disclose their situations, there are federal laws, which can provide job protection. If you believe you have been discriminated against because of domestic violence, talk with a lawyer or advocate to learn more about your legal rights and options.


Domestic Violence and the Work Place - Victim’s Economic Security and Safety Act (VESSA)
The Illinois Victim’s Economic Security and Safety Act, or VESSA, provides up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to an employee who is a victim of or who has a family member who is a victim of domestic or sexual violence to address issues arising from domestic or sexual violence.


Downspouts, Rain Barrels and Cisterns
Traditionally, roof runoff in Chicago has been routed via downspouts directly into the sewer system. However, the City of Chicago encourages the careful disconnection of downspouts so that roof runoff can flow directly into vegetated areas. Please see various options on this page.


Elder Abuse Information
Elder abuse affects thousands of Illinois senior citizens every year. As a result of the abuse, these victims experience severe neglect and extreme feelings of fear and loneliness. As members of the community it is our obligation to raise awareness and reach out to this often isolated group of victims.


Electrical Inspections


Elevator Inspections


Emergency Response
FSS Emergency Response Teams are on duty 24/7 to assist with non-life threatening situations. People in need of immediate shelter, food or relocation can call 311. 911 is the number to call for police, fire and medical emergencies. If someone is concerned about a relative, friend or neighbor and can’t make contact with the person, they can call 311 and request a well-being check.


Family Violence 2016 Prevention Initiative Survey Documents
The Division on Domestic Violence conducts assessments of its Family Violence Prevention Initiative (FVPI) funded programs.


Fast Track Abatement Program
The FTD ordinance authorizes the City to board, repair, or demolish residential and commercial buildings of up to three stories or less in height that are vacant, open, and constitute a hazard to the community.


General Facts About Domestic Violence
Some general facts to know about Domestic Violence.


Help Us Help You: 9-1-1 Education


Homeless Outreach and Engagement
The first step in housing homeless people is to engage them in the process. For most that is easy, they are anxious to regain the stability of permanent housing. But for others who have a history of life on the streets or making the rounds of shelters, engagement can be a challenge. The Department of Family and Support Services conducts a variety of outreach activities.


Homeless Prevention
The Emergency Rental Assistance Program provides financial assistance to Chicago residents, directly related to the prevention of homelessness, to eligible individuals and families who are in danger of eviction in order to stabilize individuals and families in their existing rental unit.


Homeless and Emergency Services Delegate Agency Site Locations
Homeless and Emergency Services Delegate Agency services listed with site locations and contact information.


Hospital and Healthcare System Preparedness Program
CDPH receives funding from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR), Hospital Preparedness Program.


How to Prepare Your Family For an Emergency
Family emergency planning can be the key to surviving an emergency. That's why it's important to talk to your family to prepare them for various emergencies.


Illinois Disaster Assistance Call(1-800)(ENG)
For Illinois homeowners, renters and business owners. If you sustained losses or damage you may be eligible for disaster aid


Individual, Family and Community Preparedness
There is never too much preparedness when it means saving a LIFE! You can cope with disaster by preparing in advance and by working with your family as a team. Preparation should include: getting informed (including a checklist), making a plan, assembling, and maintaining your plan and kit.


Information for Children Exposed to Domestic Violence
Exposure to Domestic Violence, either experienced directly or witnessed between caregivers can have a detrimental effect on children.


Information for Concerned Friends & Family Members
Every year, millions of domestic violence victims suffer from the horrors of abuse alone. Having been isolated by their abusers from friends and family, many are disconnected from sources of support, strength and safety. By reaching out to your friend or family member and breaking the silence, you can make a difference.


Information for Faith Leaders
A faith community has a responsibility to provide care for families in need. In addition, it exhorts society to share compassion and comfort with those afflicted by personal tragedy. Leaders of the faith community are encouraged to create a unified response to domestic violence.


Information for Health Care Professionals
In many instances health care professionals are the first to intervene after an abusive incident occurs. It is therefore crucial that appropriate intervention strategies be identified and implemented. By accurately assessing the cause of injury, providing necessary medical care, and offering referrals to community resources, health care professionals have the potential to be valuable sources of support. Leaders in the field have identified the following strategies to make interventions by health care professionals more effective.


Information for Legal Assistance
The Illinois Domestic Violence Act (IDVA) provides strong legal help for victims of domestic violence within an Order of Protection (OP).


Information for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender
It is important that as victims, survivors, family members, friends, religious leaders, employers, and community residents we recognize and address the needs of LGBT victims of domestic violence.


Information for Young Adults
Relationship violence occurs when one partner attempts to maintain power and control over the other. Research suggests that thousands of young adults are physically, emotionally and sexually abused by their dating partners every year.


Information on the Demolition Process
The Department of Buildings' Demolition Bureau responds to complaints generated by the 311 system reported by residents, community groups, Aldermanic offices, as well as the Chicago Police Department. The bureau responds to complaints of vacant and open buildings.


Inter-Faith Leadership Advisory Committee
The Chicago Mayor's Office on Domestic Violence Interfaith Advisory Committee gathers together to create a unified and faithful response to Domestic Violence through prevention awareness, education, the creation of safe, healing and redemptive space, and resources with and for clergy, professionals, and lay leaders within all faith communities.


Iron Inspections


Mechanical Parking Lifts-requirements for submitting an application
The requirements for submitting an application for Mechanical Parking Lifts


Medications for the Public During Public Health Emergencies
The Chicago Department of Public Health is the local agency responsible for distributing protective medication from the federal government’s national stockpile to Chicago residents in the event of a large-scale emergency or disaster.


NIMS Compliance and Training
This system provides a consistent nationwide template to enable Federal, State, local, and tribal governments and private-sector and nongovernmental organizations to work together effectively and efficiently to prepare for, prevent, respond to, and recover from domestic incidents, regardless of cause, size, or complexity, including acts of catastrophic terrorism.


New Construction Inspections


Overview of the Green Permit Program
The Green Permit Process offers qualifying projects an expedited permit process and possible reduction of the permit fees.


Plumbing Inspections


Porch FAQ
Frequently asked questions about porch safety.


Private Drains
This program is designed to help alleviate the financial burden homeowners incur when a sewer repair is required in the public way. Typically, homeowners could expect to pay between $5,000 and $10,000 for these types of repairs. Now, the City of Chicago will be responsible for repairs to your private sewer drain in the parkway and in the street.


Public Health Emergency Training and Exercises
The Chicago Department of Public Health maintains a robust training and exercise program to test current emergency plans and to identify areas for improvement based on exercise objectives drawn from Homeland Security and Public Health Target Capabilities and Exercise Evaluation Guidelines based on the overall Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program.


Public Health Preparedness for Special Needs Populations
“Special Needs Populations” are generally understood to be populations with some physical or mental disability that limits their ability to carry out day-to-day activities.


Public Safety Reforms


Put the Guns Down


Refrigeration Inspections


Regional Coordination and Collaboration
The Chicago Department of Public Health works closely with other local health departments in northern Illinois and the Illinois Department of Public Health to coordinate regional preparedness.


Report Suspicious Activity
See Something Say Something - Report Suspicious Activity


Reports - Help Line Zip Code Area Profiles
Chicago ZIP Code Area Profiles is the annual profile report of the characteristics of victim callers to the Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line. On a yearly basis, the Help Line answers over 20,000 calls from persons in the Chicago area.


Resources for Professionals - Office of Violence Prevention
The Office of Violence Prevention offers professional development training sessions on a variety of violence prevention topics.


Rules and Regulations
Rules and Regulations published by the City of Chicago, Department of Buildings


Safe Havens: Supervised Visits & Safe Exchange Grant Program
As part of their participation as a demonstration site for the Safe Havens Supervised Visitation and Safe Exchange Program, three Chicago visitation centers and their collaborative partner, the Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence, explored how the current design, processes, and procedures of visitation and exchange centers account for aspects of culture.


Safety Planning
The most dangerous time for many victims of domestic violence is when they are thinking about or actively trying to end the relationship. A personal safety plan is a way for you to identify strategies to protect yourself during this dangerous time.


Senior Services Delegate Agency Site Locations
Senior Services Delegate Agency services listed with site locations and contact information.


Shelter System
Chicago must maintain temporary shelters until sufficient Interim and Permanent Supportive Housing exists.


Summary of Youth Services
Here is some background information on the services provided by the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services Youth Services Division:


Support Groups for Older Relatives Raising Children
The Chicago Department of Family & Support Services is mindful that throughout Chicago, an ever growing number of people are devoting themselves to the daily care of loved ones. Whether the role of caregiver comes gradually, or through a sudden crisis, caregivers need somewhere to turn. That is why the Chicago Department of Family & Support Services has expanded our Caregiver Support Program to meet the essential needs of family caregivers.


Supportive Services - Case Management
The Department of Family and Support Services provides case management through its six Community Services Centers and Emergency Response operation. DFSS also funds private agencies to provide case management and a range of support services including employment training and placement, education, substance abuse treatment, mental health care, domestic violence assistance and more.


Teen Dating Violence Prevention
During the month of February, the Chicago Department of Public Health Office of Violence Prevention will be highlighting Teen Dating Violence (TDV) Prevention.


Ventilation Inspections


Water Bill Rates & Charges
Please see below the Water and Sewer Rates Voted on and approved by the Mayor and Chicago City Council of Chicago.


What is Domestic Violence?
Domestic violence occurs when one partner uses physical, emotional, sexual and/or financial abuse to maintain power and control over the other.


When a Building Permit is NOT Required
When a permit is Not Required


Who is CCHR?
The Commission on Human Relations promotes appreciation of Chicago's diversity and works to eliminate prejudice and discrimination. Commissioners, advisory councils, and staff conduct pro-active programs of education, intervention, and constituency building to discourage bigotry and bring people from different groups together.


Youth Services Delegate Agency Site Locations
Youth Services Delegate Agency services listed with site locations and contact information.