City Services
City Services


(Online Service) Alerts from NotifyChicago Alerts from NotifyChicago 


  Assisted Living Information 
A comparison of different living arrangements for Seniors in the City of Chicago


(Online Service) Auto Pound Locations Auto Pound Locations 
Here is a listing of Chicago's auto pounds.


  Before and After School Programs 
Before and after school programs provide a safe, fun environment for all students to participate in academic, leisure and recreational activities outside of the traditional school day. Students are exposed to a variety of experiences including sports, literacy, and technology.


  Bike Parking 
Bike Parking is an essential part of bicycling facilities in all cities, providing the bicyclist with a secure place to lock their bike at their trip destination.


  Bike Safety & Education 
Information about bike safey and education.


  Building Code Clarifications and Memorandums 
Building Code Clarifications and Memorandums


(Online Service) Building Inspection Building Inspection 
The Department of Buildings' inspectional bureaus require anyone requesting an inspection to submit that request via an online form.


(Online Service) Building Violation Building Violation 
Report a building violation


(Online Service) Building Violations Building Violations 
Look up Building Violations Online


(Online Service) Buildings - No Permit or Construction Violation Buildings - No Permit or Construction Violation 
Report if there are no permits or there are building violations.


(Online Service) CAPS Brochures and Information (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) CAPS Brochures and Information (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) 
This service request is used to request that brochures/literature related to City-sponsored programs, services or events be mailed to you.


  CAPS District and Beat Meetings (Chicago Alternative Policing Strategy) 
Visit the Police Department web site to find your District, beat meeting in your neighborhood.


  Case Management Services 
It is not enough to place homeless people in housing without providing services that address the reasons they became homeless. Residents in crisis need support to ensure they don’t fall victim to the same issues that left them homeless in the first place.


(Online Service) Chicago Building Code Chicago Building Code 
View the Chicago Building Code Online


  Children's Activities from the Fire Department 
The Chicago Fire Department encourages children to check out the following fun activities!


  City-Funded Affordable Homes For Purchase 
Search for properties by community area below. Contact the affiliated program provider below each listing for more information.


  Claim for Vehicle or Property Damage 
File a claim for damaged vehicle, damaged property or if you have you have incurred excessive charges on your water bill.


  Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 
Become a CERT volunteer


(Online Service) Complaint Against a Chicago Police Officer Complaint Against a Chicago Police Officer 
If a member of the public is dissatisfied with the police service he or she has received or has a complaint against a Chicago Police Department member (civilian and sworn), he or she can report the incident directly to IPRA.


(Online Service) Compliment about a Chicago Police Officer Compliment about a Chicago Police Officer 
If a member of the public is pleased with the service he or she received from an officer, and in particular if the officer has done something extraordinary, the Independent Police Review Authority encourages the member of the public to formally compliment the officer.


(Online Service) Dead or Damaged Trees Dead or Damaged Trees 
The Bureau of Forestry coordinates the removal of parkway or trees in the public way that are dead or damaged.


  Developer Services Comprehensive Checklists 
Comprehensive checklists for Accessibility, Architectural, Electrical, Fire Prevention, Mechanical, Plumbing and Refrigeration.


  Developer Services Plan Review 
Developer Services Plan Review


  Disciplinary Actions 
The City of Chicago Department of Buildings investigates false statements made in the course of business with the Department.


  Drivers License or State Id 
The Illinois Office of the Secretary of State is the most diverse of its kind in the nation.


(Online Service) Drug Trafficking Drug Trafficking 
Help Chicago Police Department address the problem of drug trafficking in Chicago.


  Elevator Rules and Regulations 
Rules and Regulations for Elevators.


  Elevator Testing Forms 
Elevator Forms


  Exterior Wall Information 
Exterior Wall Program


(Online Service) Extreme Weather and Emergency Services Extreme Weather and Emergency Services 
The Department of Family and Support Services works with other city departments to help residents through periods of severe weather.


  FAQ's for High-rise Life Safety 
Life Safety FAQs for Evaluations & Sprinklers


  Financial Assistance for Lead Abatement 
Department of Public Health has limited grant funding to assist low-income homeowners and landlords of affordable housing with eliminating lead hazards in their buildings.


  Fire Prevention Bureau Inspection 
Fire Prevention Bureau Inspection Information.


  Gang & Drug Building 
The following buildings have been identified as locations where gang and drug activity have taken place.


(Online Service) Graffiti Removal Program Graffiti Removal Program 
Graffiti is vandalism, it scars the community, hurts property values and diminishes our quality of life.


(Online Service) Graffiti Removal Services Graffiti Removal Services 


  Guide to Workforce Development Services for Ex-Offenders 
The City of Chicago’s Community Re-Entry Support Centers provide a central location where any Chicago resident who has served time for a felony conviction can receive the support services needed to transition back into their communities and the workforce.


  Help on Domestic Violence 
The Office on Domestic Violence continues to house and oversee the operation of the City of Chicago Domestic Violence Help Line. The Help Line is a 24-hour, toll-free confidential number that functions as a clearinghouse for domestic violence services and information.


  High Rise Office Building Evacuation Plans 
This page contains Suggested High Rise Office Building Evacuation Plan information.


  High-Rise Life Safety Information 
Summary of the Key Provisions of the Life Safety and High Rise Ordinance. The Ordinance focuses on improving the life safety attributes of existing high-rise buildings. There are approximately 1700 existing high rises and of these, 1300 are pre-fire ordinance or pre-1975 buildings. Of the 1300 pre-fire ordinance buildings, approximately 200 are commercial and 1100 are residential.


  HomeMod - Program 
Sponsored by the Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities (MOPD), the HomeMod Program will allow people with disabilities, who are under the age of sixty, to receive home modifications that make their living environment accessible.


  Homeowner's Assistance Program 


  Illegally Parked Vehicles 
Chicago uses tow trucks to remove illegally parked vehicles from bus stops, crosswalks, loading zones and other no-parking sites and tows them to a city auto pound.


  Information About Illinois and Chicago-area Victims of domestic violence 
The ILDVDI Clearinghouse is a collaborative effort of the Department of Family and Support Services, Division on Domestic Violence (DDV) and the Domestic Violence Coordinated Response Council. The ILDVDI Clearinghouse was developed to create easy access to domestic violence related data and information available in Illinois, to increase knowledge about Illinois and Chicago area victims of domestic violence, and to better serve and improve the lives of Illinois domestic violence victims and their families.


  Information about the Developer Services submittal process 
Developer Services Submittal Process


  Juvenile Intervention Support Center 
The Juvenile Intervention Support Center (JISC) is a pilot program that uses a multi-disciplinary approach and interagency partnerships to provide prevention and intervention services to help youth arrested for low level misdemeanor offenses and youth at risk for juvenile justice system involvement.


(Online Service) Lead Hazard Home Inspection Lead Hazard Home Inspection 
The Chicago Department of Public Health offers home inspections for various sources of lead hazards that may be present in the home.


(Online Service) Licensed Electrical Contractor information Licensed Electrical Contractor information 
Licensed Electrical Contractors


  Life Safety High-Rise Information - Wireless Voice Communication System 
Wireless Voice Communication System Per Code Section 34 (13-196-204)


  Life Safety and High-Rise information 
Life Safety & High-rise Ordinance


  Link Your Cameras into OEMC (Private Sector Camera Initiative) 
The Private Sector Camera Initiative links Chicago based organizations, companies and sister agencies’ cameras systems into the Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) state-of-the-art unified video surveillance network.


(Online Service) List of Licensed Masons List of Licensed Masons 
See a list of Mason Contractors licensed with the City of Chicago.


  Occupancy Capacity Sign Application 
A list of Occupancy Capacity Sign instructions


(Online Service) Parking Meter Business Feedback Form Parking Meter Business Feedback Form 
Business Feedback form for changes to the period of stay, requests to add parking meters and other feedback


(Online Service) Permit Parking Zone Lookup Permit Parking Zone Lookup 
Residents can look up their Residential Parking Permit Zone online.


  Police Reports 
View the reports and statistics listed below on the Chicago Police Department web site


(Online Service) Porch Inspection Porch Inspection 
Report an unsafe porch and request an inspection


  Porch and Deck Information 
Porch and Deck Information


(Online Service) Report a Vacant Building Report a Vacant Building 
Report a Vacant Building


(Online Service) Request Alley Lights Request Alley Lights 


(Online Service) Residential Garbage Collection Residential Garbage Collection 
The City of Chicago has implemented the grid garbage collection system citywide. Streets & Sanitation collects Chicago's residential waste. Our crews service some 600,000 homes weekly.


(Online Service) Restaurant Inspection Information Restaurant Inspection Information 
Information regarding Restaurant inspections


(Online Service) Senior Services Information and Assessment Assistance Senior Services Information and Assessment Assistance 
Accessing information on all the programs Family and Support Services has to offer for Senior Information and Assistance.


(Online Service) Senior Well Being Check Senior Well Being Check 
This service request is used to identify seniors whose health, safety or general well being are in question.


  Services for Victims of Domestic Violence 
The Division on Domestic Violence in the Chicago Department of Family and Support Services and other victim serving agencies in Chicago are important in the effort to respond to family violence.


  Services for formerly incarcerated 
The Chicago Department of Family and Support Services’ Community Reentry Support Centers can assist formerly incarcerated residents in achieving self-sufficiency while successfully reintegrating into local communities.


The City of Chicago, Department of Family and Support Services (DFSS) funds a network of community based shelters that support individuals who are in crisis and the chronically homeless.


  Sign up for Notify Chicago 
Sign up for Notify Chicago


  Smoke Detector Tips 
Smoke detectors for general public


  Step 1- Developer Services Pre-Submittal Process 
Developer Services Pre-Submittal Process


(Online Service) Stray Animal in Neighborhood Stray Animal in Neighborhood 
This service request is to report stray animals in your neighborhood.


  Tent and Canopy Permits 
Tent Permit Process


  Towing Information; Towing Process 
Overview information about the City of Chicago towing process.


  Trade License Application FAQs 
Questions and Answers regarding applications for Trade License Applications


  Traffic Siginals/Traffic Lights 
The Department of Transportation Division of Electrical Operations maintains Chicago’s 2,732 traffic signalized intersections.


  Tree Insects; Pests 
Invasive Species of Pests a Threat to our Urban Forest


  Trip Planners 
You've got several options for planning trips on transit throughout the Chicago area, including online trip planners, mobile device applications, and by telephone.


(Online Service) Vacant Lot Cleanup Vacant Lot Cleanup 
Crews from Streets & Sanitation's Bureau of Street Operations clean thousands of vacant lots every year.


(Online Service) Vacant Property Vacant Property 
Vacant Property List


(Online Service) Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting Viaduct Lighting; Repair Viaduct Lighting 
Chicago has embarked on a program to greatly improve illumination under its viaducts.


(Online Service) Water in Basement Water in Basement 
Online reporting of water in your basement.


(Online Service) Water in the Street Water in the Street 
File a report if you see water in the street after a storm.


(Online Service) Weather Relief Weather Relief 
While Chicago enjoys the diversity of four distinct seasons, our winters and summers can produce extreme temperatures. At times, weather conditions may pose a threat to health and safety. The Department of Family and Support Services works with other city departments to help residents through periods of severe weather.