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EMT and Paramedic Information



Building and License Enforcement



General Contractors License

Information on General Contractors License



Lobbyist Filing Requirements

The Governmental Ethics Ordinance requires persons who lobby City government to register with the Board of Ethics and regularly file activity reports (or termination notices, where appropriate).



FAQ's for High-rise Life Safety

Life Safety FAQs for Evaluations & Sprinklers



Requirements for Conceal and Carry Signage

Requirements for Conceal and Carry Signage



Pharmaceutical Representative Licensing

A “Pharmaceutical Representative” (MCC 4-6-310) – is a person who markets or promotes pharmaceuticals to health care professionals while both are within the City of Chicago for more than fifteen calendar days per year. Exemptions include: Medical Science Liaisons, Wholesale Distributors, and pharmaceutical representative managers or supervisors who do not interact directly with health care professionals while in the City of Chicago.



Shared Housing and Accommodations Licensing



Navy Pier Kiosk License

A Navy Pier Vendor license is required for businesses located at Navy Pier engaged in sales of merchandise or food on indoor and/or outdoor pushcarts/kiosks, which are stationary and in the designated space as per the vendor's lease agreement with Navy Pier.



Liquor License Eligibility

The City of Chicago’s liquor license application process is designed to ensure that liquor licenses are issued only to persons who meet the eligibility requirements of the Chicago Municipal Code and the Illinois Liquor Control Act.


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